After a long time Egypt becomes the center point of burning issues of jihadists. At least 10 security personnel are killed in the clash with the Islamic jihadists. The center of clash is Sinai peninsula of Egypt. A group of 70 terrorists attacked five military check points near Sheikh Zuweid. Out of the 70 terrorists, 23 have been killed by the army. Along with this, Egyptian army destroyed two pick up vans armed with anti aircraft guns.

Some weapons like AK47, grenade launchers, IEDs etc have been seized by the army. Though unofficial reports said that casualties was more than thirty, army confirms that 10 security personnel were killed and seven injured in the clash while 23 terrorists have been gunned down and 9 injured (arrested later).

Egyptian soldiers killed in clash

It’s surely a sad day for Egypt as just before two days, public prosecutor was assassinated in the capital, Cairo. Israel alerted its soldiers in the border as the Sinai province is situated just beside Israel.

President of Egypt Says- 

President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi promised the nation that they would hunt down the terrorists and the people helped the terrorists soon and maximum penalty would be given to them.

Security system has been tightened and police along with military personnel are combing the region to hunt down the suspects. Till now more than 50 suspects have been arrested. In last two years more than six hundred police and army men have been killed in clashes with jihadists.

Ansar Beit al-Maqdis Claims the responsibility 

Egypt has alerted all the borders of the province so that attackers can’t go out of the peninsula easily. Chief of Police of the Sinai Peninsula said that, a militant group named Ansar Beit al-Maqdis launched the assault in five points (Military check points). This group tried to join hand with ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria).

Though there is no presence of ISIS activities in Egypt, the recent attacks, specially by targeting security personnel has popped up a line of issues with it. Egyptian government did not rule out the issues of having sleeper cells of ISIS in Egypt.

Before few months, a number of Egyptians are located in the ISIS camps, Raqqa. Government of Egypt alerted all the security agencies on this regard.

Egypt did not have any ISIS issue before. Many members of Muslim brotherhood party have been arrested, jailed and sentenced to death. Army took the control and came in power by substituting the Muslim brotherhood. It have to mention here, that Muslim brotherhood party had a connection with Al-Qaeda before.

There are many Muslim brotherhood’s sympathizers in Egypt. They have been trying to replace army rule in Cairo and have been trying get the Sharia rule to establish. Army is suspecting that those Muslim brotherhood members turned into radical supporters of ISIS and that’s why they invited ISIS to Egypt and tried to join hand in Egypt. But somehow they could not fulfill that. And by doing these kind of attack on Security personnel they are attracting IS’s attention there n Egypt.