20 Indians Killed in Saudi Air Raid in Yemen

20 Indian has been killed in an air strike carried out by Saudi Arabia in Yemen. This is not the first time that Saudi Arabia attacked Houthi militants’ strongholds. Saudi Arabia is the leader of the Arab nations who are trying to restore President Asad in Yemen. But the Houthi militants, mostly are from Shia community have been trying to establish Shia rule in Yemen. There is news that neighbour Iran has been helping the militants as they are also a Shia ruling country, Iran has opposed the accusation though.

Hodeidah airport raid- 20 Indians killed

Serial Bombing by Saudi Bombers

But the war between militants and the government loyal forces are causing huge damage. The condition of Yemen is miserable- Civil war like condition is prevailing there. No humanitarian aid- nothing. People are facing inhuman problems. India carried out a marvellous mission to rescue Indians from Yemen a couple of month ago. But many Indians are still trapped in Yemen. 20 of them have been killed as Saudi jets dropped bombs on an airstrip in Hodeidah port in Southern Yemen. Identities have not confirmed yet but the nationalities of the killed civilians are confirmed and all of them are Indian!

Yemen- Cold war zone of Iran and Saudi Arabia

Houthi militants are a group of war hardened terror force; you can say a typical pro Islamic force with Shia belief. They have tried to break Saudi resistance a month before by attacking a border check post in the border of Saudi and Yemen but failed at the end. Yemen has become a cold war zone of Iran and Saudi Arabia. Both the Islamic countries with different religious beliefs are trying to show their power muscle. On the other hand Iran and Saudi Arabia both are oil exporter. Before a couple of months, Iran lowered the price of crude oil suddenly to get over Saudi monopoly in crude oil export in Middle East.

Operation Rahat by Indian Navy

Houthis are generally live in the north side of Yemen. Before a year back they formed a rebel group to fight against Sunni president. The President of Yemen took shelter in Saudi Arabia after the rebels took the important cities and towns in their hand. Alongside with the Houthis, ISIS militants also invaded in the southern region of Yemen. Al-Qaeda of Arab peninsula also activated their channels to take control of some oil fields. At the war some environment Indian Navy launched operation rahat to rescue people from Yemen. Around 12000 Indians were rescued during the week long operation. But many of them, who were not nearby Aden city, could not reach to the rescue junctions. They got stuck there. 20 of them left their last breath yesterday when four Saudi led jets bombed the Hodeidah airport.

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