India, by 2050 would foster the largest of the Muslim population in the world. Meanwhile, Hinduism would go on to become the third largest religion in the world. This is what the study on ‘Future World Religions: Population Growth Projections, 2010-2050, by the Pew Research Center has narrowed down.

Muslim Population

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Not stirring the Hindu majority, India would just outdo Indonesia, which currently shelters the largest Muslim population throughout the world. Nor would the world population speed up this fast as Muslim population would do.

“To quantify the analysis, Muslims would account to more than 310 millions, although Hindus, as a majority (77%) remains intact, while Muslims (17%)”, as stated by Hindustan Times. What results into such steep hike is the elevated fertility rate among the Islamic followers.

35 Years From Now Would Fetch India a New Record- Largest Muslim Population

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3.1 being the fertility rate of the Islamic woman justifies clearly of the surge in the Muslim population, which Hindu women maintain at around 2.1. Europe, like India too would see the Muslim population doubled as that of now, exceeding the Christians by 2070.

Pew Research Center

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As studied, Hindus and Christians population too will undergo an increment. Total Hindus will stand around at 14.9, Christians at 31.4%, and Muslims at 29.7%.

Where the religious sections would meet an increment, atheists (non-believers in any religion), on the other hand, would descend overall. Countries like the United Nations and France, although would have increased atheists, but there would be a decline as far as the entire world is concerned.