Ukraine should be armed with defensive weapon: America

A senior American lawmaker, John Boehner urged the senators and president of America to approve defensive weapons for Ukraine so that it can defend itself from further aggression of Pro Russian rebels in the eastern fronts where rebels are armed with modern infantry weapons. Ukraine prime minister asked all the western countries to supply modern combat weapon to fight aggressive Pro Russian rebels. He also pointed that Ukrainian troops badly need modern combat machines as soon as possible.

Ukraine should be armed according to US

That’s why yesterday, many republicans and democrats in American Senate, urged Mr. President to take necessary step to protect Ukrainian sovereign territory at any cost. Russia already annexed Crimea, a southern peninsula of Ukraine last year by almost bloodless revolutions. But when the Pro Russian rebels along with Russian Volunteers march towards the eastern Ukraine, fight started.

Till date, more than 6000 lives are claimed in this war. Ukrainian army needs immediate supply of fighting equipments where Pro Russian rebels are getting enough supply from Russia, though Russia is still denying that.

American senators pointed out the lack of clarity on Ukraine issue. Europe’s countries and US are not totally coming up to resolve the issue immediately. This thing is putting oxygen n rebels’ aggression in Eastern fronts. If Ukraine can’t be armed with modern defensive weapon then the situation can be worse than ever.

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