Buying the ideal camera for a business or personal trip can be nerve wracking. Luckily, you already have an idea of the type of camera you want to buy: you read all the reviews, watched Youtube demonstration videos, and saved enough to purchase it. The next thing to do is buy it.

6 Places to Find Cheap Digital Cameras for Traveling

This may seem like the easy part but with digital cameras now readily available, you need to narrow down your options. We compiled a list of our favorite camera stores, along with details on the perks of buying from each shop.


eBay carries a wide selection of used and new cameras. The ecommerce lets you buy directly from their trusted sellers or newer independent stores. eBay should be your first stop when searching for vintage or discounted cameras and parts. eBay sellers let you bid on your desired item, so you could end up saving by purchasing your camera for way less than retail price.

Additionally, eBay usually monitors its sellers and buyers, so you have a lot more security and safety than if you made a purchase through sites like Craigslist.


Groupon offers three major ways to save on camera purchases. Use the daily deals section to purchase a premium camera at a very discounted price. Groupon coupon section lets you find coupon codes at major camera companies like Canon. Search the Canon Groupon page for weekly and daily discounts.

The final way Groupon provides camera discounts is through their service page: You can find local camera services, like repairs and restoration.


Walmart and Target carry a limited selection of standard digital cameras at low prices. These devices are usually great for beginners and anyone who just wants to take basic pictures.

Best Buy

Best Buy carries the biggest selection of digital, and point and shoot cameras. Best Buy doesn’t have discounts as often as some of the other companies listed, but during major holidays, the store has huge savings. Aim to go camera shopping during Black Friday and Presidents’ Day weekend for the best discounts.

Best Buy also thoroughly trains its salespeople to become semi-experts on their products. This means you’ll be able to get more of your questions answered when buying from Best Buy than you would at other major electronic retailers.

Used Camera Shops

Check your business directory for nearby camera shops. Like eBay, these shops are good when you want to find vintage cameras and their parts. Unlike eBay, at used camera stores, you can see the quality of the camera before you purchase it. You also might be able to test out the camera before finalizing your buy.

A used camera shop usually offers repair services as well. So if you have an old camera, you might be able to save more just by getting it repaired instead of buying a new one. Depending on the owner, you might be able to haggle your price down.


Any camera you could ever want is likely on Amazon. Even discontinued models may be available through a third-party seller. Amazon also offers daily deals, especially around the holidays. The retail giant offers a large variety of old and new camera models at discounted prices and fast delivery, especially for Prime Members.