A drug resistant stomach bacteria on increase

A new study, published in CDC Morbidity and Mortality weekly report section states that Americans who travel outside US are carrying with them a drug-resistant form of bacteria Shigella Sonnei. The study was conducted by the Center for Disease Control of Prevention, US.

drug resistant bacteria

Earlier versions of these bacteria were successfully treated with the antibiotic ciprofloxacin. The bacterium causes diarrhea cramps and pain in the stomach. Fever is also induced in the affected individual. The study reveals that 243 patients were affected with Shigella Sonnei between May 2015 and Feb 2015. The treatment showed that the majority of them could not be effectively treated with ciprofloxacin.  Massachusetts had 45 such cases and Pennsylvania ahs 18 of them. Half of these patients had recently traveled to India and Dominion Republic. The 95 cases of San Francisco did not show any international travel connection.

Shigella induced diarrhea spreads through personal contact and also through consumption of unhygienic and contaminated water and food. Ciprofloxacin has been the most effective drug for countering Shigella. The bacterium has already been found resistant to sulfamethoxazole/trimethoprim combination.

According to Dr.Tom Frieden, the director of CDC, this new drug-resistant form is of real concern as the bacteria spreads very easily and its drug-resistant form is very difficult to treat.

International travelers can reduce the risk of getting infected with Shigella by eating hot food, washing hands frequently and drinking water from sealed containers. Shigella affected patients can reduce the spread of diarrhea by not preparing food for others, by not swimming in community pools and by avoiding personal contacts. Children affected by these bacteria should not go to daycare centers and avoid engaging in group activities. The practices are to be followed after a few weeks of getting well.

Hygiene and habits play an important role in preventing medicines. It is important that people follow hygienic practices and visit their physicians regularly for health checkups.