The Afghan government has started a significant ground offensive against Taliban forces close to the north-eastern province’s capital -Kunduz. The Taliban have verged on the city in late battling, abandoning it cut off with a huge number of displaced. Afghan authorities say foreign jihadists specially trained by the Islamic State gathering are battling along with the Taliban jihadists.

Afghan forces Fighting Taliban

Afghan Forces Fighting Taliban in Kunduz | ISIS Fighting with Taliban

Governor of Kunduz Mohammed Omer Safi said that the dead body of 18 foreign jihadists including two ladies had been found on the battle ground.

Security forces and Taliban have been included in a standoff for about a week after the extremists propelled an offensive on Kunduz toward the end of April in a hope to take the control of Kunduz.

Fights with Taliban in Kunduz | No Foreign Support

Afghan armed force and police are included in the battling however there is no considerable assistance from foreign troops or US military forces. No air support has been taken. Just a couple of thousand Nato troops stay in the Afganistan, after their battle mission finished in December.

Worldwide aid agencies are attempting to aid them, with the World Food Program get ready first aid packs of flour, cooking oil and high-vitality rolls for 500 families, Representative Wahiddullah Amini told Reuters news [Ref: Reuters].