Afghan Forces Reclaim Kunduz

After being seized by the Talibans for a week, Kunduz is now free. Afghan forces retake the control over Kunduz after a over night fight. Armored vehicles of Afghan security forces entered the town. A week ago Taliban bounced back suddenly and took the over all control of Kunduz. It was a big blow to the President Ashraf Ghani as he was approaching to his first year to complete as President of Afghanistan.

Afghanistan vs Taliban- Kunduz retaken

An over night operation launched by the Afghan army has been so successful that they not only had driven the Taliban out from the town but also caused heavy casualties. US air forces joined Afghan forces to facilitate the operation.

Kunduz is a strategically important city because it is the third largest city and an important transportation hub as well. Afghan government said- “It proves Afghan special forces are elite fighters who can win battles.” Government forces that is basically a combined force of Afghan military and Afghan armed police has retaken the city square after a tough battle though some parts of the city is still under control of Taliban.

200 Taliban fighters were killed in this operation. Taliban had planted mines to resists Afghan forces to enter in. After a series of bombardment by the US planes in day, Afghan forces started the operation in night from the different parts of the city. Taliban was not prepared for it. In this counter attack Taliban is completely wiped out from the main or key zones of the city. According to the interior ministry of Afghanistan, they will take the control of full city within a few days.

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