Airline’s safety policy to change very soon. According to the new rule it will be mandatory to present of two crew members in the cockpit. This new Airline’s safety policy is going to be mandatory for all airlines in the world arriving Europe and America from next month.

Airline’s Safety Policy to Change in Europe Soon

Airline’s safety policy | New Rule and standard

It seems that all the other airlines companies in Asia, Africa and South America will also follow the new rules to standardize the same rule around the world.

After the accident of German plane in Alps, a German pilot says that

[quote_box_center]no matter how good the security, ultimately nothing could stop a rogue pilot.[/quote_box_center]

After the crash of German wing flight 9525, European flight standards are going to be changed. As expected, i this new rule it is going to be mandatory for all Europe bound flights to have minimum two crew members in the cockpit when flight is on.

And in the another rule, American civil airlines authority is going to be implement new rule to check the mental health of the pilots in regular interval.

These rules will be in force from the next month onward. Every Europe bound and out Europe bound flights will have to follow these new Airline’s safety policy.