Aisa Yeh Jahaan (The World It Is) Review

Aisa Yeh Jahaan is India’s first carbon neutral film, directed and written by debutant Assamese director Biswajeet Bora and produced by Maya Kholie. The film stars Palash Sen, Ira Dubey and Kymsleen Kholie in lead roles. The film was released on 24 July 2015 in theaters across India but had faced a huge setback as majority of the theaters were screening Bahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Inspite of that ‘Aisa Yeh Jahaan’ has already become the talk of the town, with the film winning a lot of International awards globally.

The film is about the ever growing human detachment with nature and people’s attitude towards the physiology of a child’s growth which is portrayed in a light-hearted yet satirical fashion.

Aisa Yeh Jahan. Image Credits : https://goo.gl/JWZubx

Aisa Yeh Jahan. Image Credits : https://goo.gl/JWZubx

The movie, while gaining international acclaim, has failed to make the same impact in India itself. Euphoria singer Palash Sen who has also composed the music of the film, plays the lead role of Rajib, a suburban office-goer juggling the pressures of work and a rather materialistic wife, Ananya. Rajib and Ananya have northeastern roots in Assam and are unhappy with their hectic lives amid the bustle of Mumbai. Once the family is established, the film lobs conflicts and issues at them like grenades. It veers off into a tangent about how north-easterners are treated with disdain and stereotyped as ‘Nepalis’, and how that is unfair and psychologically damaging to them.

This is one of the said reasons why Assam has refused to run the movie in their cinema halls and this makes us wonder as to how comfortable we are with our own culture. The movie raises the issue of discrimination that the people of Northeast face in mainland India. When someone tries to raise awareness about a pressing problem in our country, the smart thing to do is promote it, not ban it. Maybe its time we set our priorities straight. When someone is trying to solve our problems, we encourage them and not shut them down.

“We as a team are very hopeful for this film as it has a lot of dreams at stake apart from the hard work that has been put into it. I personally decided to do this movie the moment I heard of it and got the opportunity from Biswajeet Bora. He is a very talented person and have assisted the highly acclaimed Jahnu Baruah in the past. We were disappointed initially when no theater was ready to run in the first week but now we are really hopeful and excited at the same time that some screens are running it,” said Anurag Saikia to The Times of World, who has done the background music for the film.

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