Akshardham Mandir : An Epitome of Excellence

Akshardham Temple in New Delhi epitomizes 10,000 years of Indian culture, beauty, wisdom and blissIt showcases the ancient architectures, traditions and spiritual messages in India. The construction of this Grand architecture took about 5 laborious years.

Akshardham Mandir : An Epitome of Excellence

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Standing right behind the banks of River Yamuna  near Nizamuddin bridge,it  attracts millions of devotees and tourists towards it’s doorstep.Swaminarayan Akshardham Mandir was inaugurated in November 2005 by Dr. Abdul Kalam and Mr. Manmohan Singh, the then President and Prime Minister of India respectively.

Akshardham is derived from two words, ‘Akshar’ and ‘Dham’ where Akshar means never-ending and Dham means home. It is actually the home of eternal values and principles that are mentioned in those beautiful sculptures.

Inside the temple, the 11 feet high gilded picture of Bhagwan Swami Narayan appears exceptionally beautiful to the beholder. The impressive structure was build with the blessings of Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

Swaminarayan Akshardham temple not only depicts the rich Indian culture , traditions and Hinduism in general but also exhibits the Indian heritage like Sahajanand Pradarshan’, ‘Nilkanth Kalyan Yatra’, ‘ Sankruti Vihar’, ‘Yagnapurush Kund’, ‘Bharat Upavan’ and ‘Yogi Hraday Kamal’.

Swaminarayan Akshardham is the the largest temple across India. Surprisingly, the temple has no pillar’s it is totally build up on Stones that is Sthaapathya Shastra, the architecture science of India. The height of the building touches approximately 10 stories, the beam which are used to support are of 22 feet. This colossal structure comprises 234 pillars, 9 domes and a Gajendra pit. It also has more that 20,000 idols statues, especially in the Gajendra pit a beautiful story is being depicted.

The colossal structure swallowed around 6,000 tons of pink sand stone and an enormous amount of 2 Million was spend on this huge place of worship. The edifice took around 12 million men and hours of 11,000 professional craftsmen to sense all the corners of the temple. The temple comprises many more Traditions of Hinduism with different styles of architecture.

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