Amazon Launches the All New Kindle Paperwhite with a Great Resolution Score of 300 PPI

The all new Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi, priced at $119 or INR 7,700, has been recently announced by Amazon.

The Kindle Paperwhite offers a high-resolution screen and e-link display and comes in 2 variants. The other Kindle Paperwhite variant has dual connectivity options of 3G ad Wi- Fi both and has a price tag of $189 or INR 12,200. Pre-orders of both high-resolution products have already begun as they would be sold on and afterward 30th June 2015.

kindle paperwhite

Kindle Voyage is the flagship product of Amazon that has features like bezels containing a screen, separate touch buttons for turning pages on the side and an adaptive light that is located on the front of the device. The New Kindle Paperwhite device offers the same resolution index of Kindle Voyage but does not have these other features.

Kindle Paperwhite has some of its own unique features. These include a new font by the name Bookerly and a new engine for type setting. This new engine will display and provide layout to words the way the author intends, according to Amazon.

The “Kindle Paperwhite product page” of Amazon gives the details of the product. It says that the Kindle Paperwhite provides for lesser amount of eyestrain and faster reading as it has features like support for drop cap, justification, hyphenation, ligatures, kerning and best kind of typography reading experience and text display. The layout will be able to adjust itself automatically even when the font sizes are highest.

Amazon says that the new font “Bookerly” is an exclusive, original and unique font that has been handmade from the very basics so that the viewers can read faster and with almost no eyestrain.  The built-in light is adjustable and provides for optimal reading during both day and night. Kindle Paperwhite is also devoid of any kind of glares that make it difficult to read in bright sunlight. Kindle has also got an efficient battery that lasts for days on a single charge, according to Amazon.

Kindle Paperwhite is an efficient device that can hold thousands of books and provide for strain less reading. The product will have to compete with other products in the same category.

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