The key to good sleep is good mattress, cool atmosphere, comfortable setting. You thought only that? No there is one more important ingredient required for the perfect recipe of good sleep and that is a filled stomach. Ever tried sleeping hungry? The sleep doesn’t come easy right? In India everyday almost 2 million people sleep hungry. India being an agrarian society is unable to feed almost 40 % of its population on a regular basis.

Food security the much gained political and media highlighted topic last year still lacks the political will of implementation. Food security principally means the state of having reliable access to have sufficient quantity of nutritious, hygienic meal on regular basis for one self and its family. Food which is an essential part of the human existence have evolved to hold a significant position in the religion and religious activity world over. In India food is a source of expression, bonding, it’s not just food but instead it is a part of culture. Food is rooted so deeply in our culture, that we often overlook its misuse or wastage. In India everyday lakhs of ton of food is wasted which costs almost 5.8 crore rupees. It may seem big in number but the impact is larger, every year 7 million children die and the cause of 90% death is lack of nutrition or proper diet. India ranks 68 among 88 nations in the global hunger index. On an average every 5th person in India faces health issue due to lack of proper diet. 

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What accounts for India’s chronic food insecurity? Farm output has been setting new records in recent years, having increased output from 208 million tons in 2005-2006 to an estimated 263 million tons in 2013-2014. India needs 225-230 million tons of food per year. Production of food is not the main issue but the proper distribution is. In 2013 in an interview then agriculture mister Mr. Sharad Pawar expressed his deep concern for the lack of proper distribution of food to the people. According to him 40% food destroys before it reach the market. The current agriculture minister have promised to tackle this problem through cold storage, agrarian based transports etc.

Even that won’t solve the problem of food shortage in India. In India every week almost 5 thousand people can be fed through the leftover food generated from restaurants, parties, weddings etc. But instead it reaches the landfills. Every day an average household food waste can fill an empty stomach. But are we doing it? The lack of awareness against food wastage is a common thing. We often chose to be ignorant about it. But this ignorance has led to millions of hungry stomach and billions of deaths. NGOs like “RHA” and “Save Food” have done outstanding job in preventing food wastage , as they have tried to mobilize restaurant and ceremonial halls along with the caterers to provide them the leftover food which later they repack-distribute and feed to the homeless preventing one more hungry stomach from having restless sleep.

One may wonder what you and I as common people who are busy with their life can do in order to prevent it. You and I can make a lot of difference if we act cautiously. First we need to start minimizing our food wastage. What you don’t eat don’t put on your plate and control your serving according to your diet. Moreover you can plan out grocery visit in advance and buy the exact quantity of things which you require. Also we can finish our plate full before the next serve. Everyday we come across many beggars on the streets. Instead of giving them money start giving them food. In a way you will help to fill their stomach and reduce the food scarcity.

Food is a powerful tool. Food unites us all no matter who you are ultimately you will reach the table. Let’s help those under privileged to come on the table with the rest of us. Let’s feed someone.