One among those 42,000 cricket-lovers was a ‘Kohli-lover’, Anushka Sharma, whose every activity was a live frame on the television sets. Starting from the cheerful curves in her lips, tri-color flag waving to gradual sips of her drinks, all went focused but not hyped. But, one moment out of these indeed could not resist without being viral. Uh-huh, the moment of ‘gape’ for us was lucidly quite more to the ‘NH10’ lady. And her pose manifested so clearly. The startled glamorous face with her hands on it was an immediate impulse to Kohli’s ‘caught-out’ at ‘1’.

Anushka’s Around 13 ‘hours’ of Journey to Watch Play Kohli 13 ‘Balls’

Image Credit – IndianLinkAustralia Facebook Page

Anushka was settled in the Victor Trumper stand, brimming with cheerfulness to watch Virat play with a bang. But the vice-captain’s short-lived stay on the pitch was a sharp tang to her sweet expectation. Where India mourned with 78/2, Anushka too pondered over this ‘not-believing’ sight. To caption this expression of hers’, perhaps, “a perfect concern for the imperfect performance by a perfect actress for a perfect player”.

The Bollywood model embarked on her journey with all her bag and baggage, most importantly with ‘the support’ for her boyfriend to return with ‘the shock’. The yellow jersey, Mitchell Johnson indeed turned out as a dirty fellow to Anushka, stumping out all her excitement in a fraction of second.

Not only did his lady love grieved on this breath-stopping sight, but every Indian regretted his back-to-pavilion-walk. Every eye in and outside the stadium popped out with crashed hope.

Well, there’s a common adage “Every day is not yours” with a minute variation “Every day is not theirs” to offer this sweet couple a note of relief. What happened had to happen, leaving Anushka piled up with one after the other critic.

Let’s wish this couple together chase such ‘critics’ better than ‘runs’.