Apple registered its biggest quarterly profit

Apple Inc registered its biggest quarterly profit. Analysts are thinking that recent sale threshold of Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are the main reason behind this surge. It sold more than 75 million iPhone six and six plus after release which is far more than it was expected.

Apple registered its bigest quaterly profit

Apple is soaring on its profit rise

Hero/Villein of Apple’s Sale:

The company is so much enthusiastic about the sale of ongoing models and upcoming models, but sale of Apple ipad still disappointing. It dipped about 20% in the last quarter worldwide.

Apple is eating China!:

Apple has fetched an untapped market in China after the release of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.  Sale in China rose by 70% in a year. Especially the young generation of China is leaning towards Apple’s technology.

It also grew by 30% in its new revenue if it is compared to the last year.

The performance of Mac laptop and iPhones has seen a marvelous growth from 2012 worldwide. But all the version of iPad is till lagging behind in terms of sale and profit making product.

King of the innovation-Apple:

Apple was awarded as the most valuable company last year. It is considered as the most innovative company of the world by the forbes magazine. Now the rise in the sale of the iphones and other parallel products of it can lead and help it to win the most valuable company’s award for another time. There is still a hope inspite of the bad performances of the ipad as Apple managed to register a huge growth in quarterly profit that is about 30% high compared to the last year’s (2015).

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