Apple is going to unveil their smart watches for their valued customers for the first time. There are two different models depending upon the size of the watch, starting from 1.7 inches to 1.5 inches. These watches will be of different colours and will go for sale on 24th April 2015.

Apple smart watches will unveil with packed feature

USP of the Apple Smart Watches

Apple, thy name is! When you see the half eaten apple on the back, you will go nearby and will give it a try for sure. Apart from the brand value, Apple is uncovering their watches with a lot of colours options, so you can choose your colour. And the last USP is their design. These wearable smart watches are designed and cased into an aluminum body and edge cut design gives these a sporty look. It appeals the new generation a lot.

Features of the Apple’s wearable smart watches:

You can receive your calls and talk through Bluetooth headpiece easily. The caller ID will flash on the screen of the watch. You can read and give reply of texts and SMS. These smart watches run on rechargeable batteries. Battery lasts for 18 hours in normal usage. Price of these wearable gadgets will vary upon the casing as Apple is coming up with Stainless Steel, Gold and silver casing for their watches.

Killer Features of Apple smart watches:

You can use these watches as alternative keycard as you can open any compatible locked door of Hotel just by these watches! You can set this one in your garage too! For the American it will surely a WOW!

Where Apple watches will go for sale first:

Apple is planning to launch their wearable smart watches in America, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Canada for first flash sale. After feeling the market response they will introduce these into Indian and Chinese market also.

A lot of hype and expectations about the Apple’s wearable smart watches are among the Apple lovers and tech bloggers. But according to apple, these watches will add an experience in new smart gadget technology for sure.