April Fool: The Day For Fools

Everyone is well associated with this day. April Fool’s Day is celebrated the world over on 1st April every year. People love playing pranks on each other on this day. This day is all about fun and rejoice. Mostly practical jokes are played on people. The victims of all these pranks are basically known as “April Fools”. April Fool is popular from the 19th century and is well recognized in countries like Canada, Australia, Brazil, United States, etc.

April Fool The Day For FoolsCUSTOMS OF APRIL FOOL’S DAY: Many customs are accepted on the April Fool’s Day all over the day. These customs differ among different. In UK, the word April Fool is shouted to the person who becomes the victim of the pranks. Ireland follows an interesting custom on April Fool Day. One envelope is passed on from person to person.

The envelope would be named and would be written “very important letter”. The letter is then passed on to another victim. The last person who opens the letter gets ” send the fool further”. In India also April Fool’s Day is celebrated. Students play pranks on their teachers or seniors. This day is all about merrymaking.

ORIGIN OF THIS DAY: The main origin of this day is not known in certainty. The origin however dates back to a pope. Pope Gregory changed the date of the New Year to be celebrated on 1 Jan instead of March. But, some of them did not know of the change. They kept celebrating on 1 April. They were ridiculed and taunted. They were given the title of April Fools.

There are many ways to celebrate this day. Some play pranks with some insects or objects while some play pranks with the help of food. April Fool day is actually the silliest day in the year. Pranks are played on people just for fun and not with the intention of hurting them. On this day, no one feels hurt even if they become the victim. Mark Twain gave a famous quote commemorating April Fool day ,” The first if April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year”.

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