Arsenal out of the Champions League despite valiant win against Monaco

For the fifth straight season, team Arsenal disappointed its fans and failed to make it to the Final Eight of the Champions League. This was after the fact that they beat Monaco 2-0 in the final 16 match where they were facing a tie.

Arsenal out of the Champions League

Arsenal needed to score at least 3 unanswered goals in this match in order to progress, but were only able to score 2. This was the result of their 3-1 defeat against Monaco earlier on their own turf. Monaco had taken apart the shoddy defence put up by Arsenal in their home match and the consequence of that loss continues to haunt Arsenal fans.

Giroud and Ramsey scored the two goals for Arsenal, with Ramsey coming off the bench late to his goal. Giroud came very close to his second goal of the match but was thwarted.

The team that we saw in this match was vastly different from the one that faced Monaco earlier at the Emirates Stadium. Arsenal ensured that Monaco had to concede their first ever Champions League goal at Stade Louis. Their eight wins from nine matches were┬ánot enough, and the loss against Monaco in the home game proved to be Arsenal’s undoing in the end.

Giroud, who was mocked on numerous instances for his performance in the first game, delivered an impressive game and combined his gameplay brilliantly with the ever impressive Welbeck to give Arsenal fans a game that was entertaining as well as exciting.

After Subasic successfully blocked his first attempt, Giroud went on to score the first goal of the match for his team, when he took control of the through ball by Welbeck and successfully landed on the goal post.

At the end of the day, Wenger’s team ended up with the same result as they did against Bayern Munich two years ago, which is just as disappointing for the team as it is for the Gunners fans.

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