Astronauts on Space Station Celebrate Star Wars Day by Watching Sci-Fi Movie

International Space Station tweeted “Just watching @StarWars in space. No big deal”.

American astronauts who are on the International Space Station or ISS have revealed that they had been watching the sci-fi movie thriller Star Wars on the Star Wars Day.

Earlier to the episode, the members of the forthcoming ISS expedition posed as Jedi Knights. The photo shoot was for the official photographing of the members.

Many people were surprised by the selection as the photograph depicts another movie. The snap sent from the space station shows the movie part where Mace Windu was battling with the supreme chancellor Palpatine. This scene is from the prequel of Star Wars Episode 3- Revenge of the Sith. It is not a scene from the original Star Wars trilogy.

star wars

The international space station or ISS has recently got a new high definition projector. The astronauts on the space station use it for displaying computer software and for video conferencing.

The commander of the ship, Scott Kelly says that the onboard team also uses the projector for watching movies related to space disaster.

The latest show of the movie coincided with the date and was timed specifically for that. The most quoted line of the star wars series was”May the force be with you”.

ISS had a link previously with the space opera 2007. Characters like Luke Skywalker’s had their props being flown to the station and back. The event marked 30 years of the franchise.

These programs and stunts keep the ISS in the public eye and make it more popular. Disney has gained immensely from the movie show and publicity programs. The rights of Star Wars movies and some other movies were purchased from their creator George Lucas in 2012 by NASA.  The total cost of purchase was $ 4 billion.

Movie Analytics says that the new movie of the series “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is likely to set a new record at the box office when it will be released on 2015 December 2015. A Hollywood Reporter forecasts that the movie is likely to gain $ 500 million during the first three days of its worldwide release.

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