Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Urges For Regional Action Against Islamic State

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott calls for regional coalition against ISIS (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria). He said that Islamic States has a global terror ambition. That’s why it has to be stopped. But no such action is taken to stop this group of destruction in middle east. IS has to be stopped at any cost.

Joining of foreign fighters in ISIS is making the situation worse. More than 150 Australian Muslims joined ISIS and are fighting in middle east.


Raid in Australia | 10 Radical Muslims Arrested

In Australia, all the city police departments are at high alert position. They are directed to conduct frequent raid in search of radical Muslim activities. About 10 people were arrested in such arrested.

Abbott in security summit | Stopping IS should starts from our own countries

Aussie Prime Minister raised the concern in the security summit of 25 countries where countries like Singapore, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia have joined. Abbott hinted that internal security measures should be the top most priority and all the would be jihadists should be stopped at the first point. Frequent raids should be done to hunt down the radical activities.

IS is a death cult and our young generation should be properly aware about the wrong and misguided way of sacrificing own-self in the name of Allah.

Foreign Fighters in ISIS

There are more than 5000 foreign fighters in ISIS group. And 2000 are from Asian countries. According to the new survey, more than 500 young people from Indonesia are fighting alongside with ISIS. About 200 people from Malaysia and more than 100 from several countries of Asia Pacific region and Australia joined the ISIS before September 2014.

Australian leader and Prime minister Tony Abbott urged all the leaders of the countries of Asia Pacific to hunt down the domestic jihadists and ISIS sympathizers.

US To send 450 Troops to Train Iraqi Military Against ISIS

Meanwhile US President Barrack Obama singed for a sanction for Iraqi military and around 450 US troops will be sent in Iraq to train the Iraqi military troops to fight against ISIS.

What ISIS Is Doing

Islamic States urges all Sunni Muslims to join them in their epic war against non Muslims in middle east. They have an agenda to convert the whole middle east into ethnic Sunni Muslim country. They are trying to reestablish Caliphate reign in Iraq and Syria first. They have already captured some regions in Iraq and Syria and have been destroying the heritage sites and museums where things before Islam are kept. Recently IS has captured Palmyra region of Syria, that is an UNESCO’s World Heritage Site in Syria. It is known as “Queen of the Desert”. God knows how much of this beautiful ancient city will remain after this.

See: ISIS Captured Ancient Syrian City Palmyra After Four Days Long Battle

ISIS has started recruiting for its group from all the countries in the name of establishing pure Islamic country. Many male fighters have already joined ISIS. Many girls and women have joined to serve ISIS also. Some of them are also from the European countries like Britain, Netherland, France, Germany etc.

Britain has started checking sudden departures of Muslims youths to Middle East. More than 100 have been jailed as they were trying to escape England to join ISIS.

On the other side, Germany is taking a giant step to tackle ISIS influence. They started declining the visas for middle east to the middle and young age group and started tracking their activities.

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