Nobel Prize 2015

It is that time of the year when those in academic circles are excited beyond any comparison and are eagerly awaiting the identification of their own or their colleague’s accomplishments. It is a strong held belief in the academic world [...]

NASA Finds Evidence Of Water On Mars

NASA has found the currently strongest evidence of water on the surface of Mars. The scientists have not exactly seen flowing water but only some dark streaks of soil that flow down steep slopes in the warmest months on Mars. These streaks [...]

Chennai-Mangalore Express Derails in Cuddalore, 7th Train Accident in 2015

One of the major routes of rail transport between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, the Chennai-Mangalore Express covers almost a thousand kilometers to connect 52 stations and serves thousands of people every single day. On 4th September, in the early [...]
How Sundar Pichai went on to become Google CEO

How Sundar Pichai went on to become Google CEO?

The 1970s and the early 1980s saw the beginnings of what technology historians call the Fourth Generation of computing. This was the time when microprocessors were developed. IBM’s first computer for the home user and Apple’s first Macintosh [...]
Diversification of food available in Indian trains

Diversifying the Food Availability on Indian Trains

Introduced for the first time in India in 1853, rail transport has reached a phenomenal status in the world’s largest democracy. Indian Railways has always been looked up to in awe by other nations all over the world. This is mainly because [...]
Smartphones to Get More Secure

Smartphones to Get More Secure

While we look ‘specs’ such as processor speeds, internal memory space, app support, image/video quality of the camera, etc. Before we purchase a new smartphone, we usually don’t consider one particular aspect – SECURITY. No, this is [...]
BlackBerry Sizes Down Workforce

BlackBerry Sizes Down Workforce…Again

BlackBerry Ltd., the Canadian industrial giant, announced another size-down of its workforce on Tuesday. This announcement adds more numbers to the thousands of employees who have been let go by the company ever since Mr John S. Chen took over [...]
Narendra Modi

PM’s Visit to Central Asia

Towards the end of the first week of July, Prime Minister Narendra Modi left on an important busy agenda that would take up a whole week of his time. His itinerary was jam-packed with visits to Central Asian countries and many meetings to attend. Though [...]

Chennai Becomes the 7th Indian City to have Metro Rail

In April 2008, the Planning Commission approved the plans for developing a Metro Rail system in Chennai. But construction did not begin until about a year later. The next 6 years were quite knotty for all commuters in this major metropolitan [...]
Bubbles – A Tool

Bubbles – A Tool!?

We often don’t think too much about the slowly rising bubbles in our favourite cola or soda. The pleasing sensation that these bubbles give on our tongues is why we gulp more soda down our throats after a pizza. The only other possible thing [...]