Author: Annu Kaushik

Manjhi: The Mountain Man, A Movie About An Unsung Hero

When Dasrath Manjhi began to dig out a path out of a mountain in Gelaur, a remote village in the Gaya district of Bihar in the early 1960s, local people thought of him to have gone deranged. But 22 years later he succeeded in this unimaginable feat. The herculean task was the result of a grave personal tragedy to Manjhi. In 1959, his wife Phalguni died because of lack of medical care. The hospital was in the town of Wazirganj, 19 km away from Gelaur. Phalguni died on the way to the hospital because a 360 feet long, 30...

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Salman’s Tryst with Eid

Festivals are all about jubilant celebrations, food and meeting friends and family. For cine goers Eid has become the most awaited festival of the year because it’s the time Salman Khan’s movies are set to release. The pre-release response from the fans is such that Salman’s movies are declared to be a success even before it hits the theatres. Eid and Salman together have become a sure shot hit. Though already a bankable actor and favorite of many, it was the 2009 hit Wanted which made Salman a phenomenon. The action cum comic film directed by Prabhu Deva was...

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Why Are The Rohingyas Fleeing Myanmar?

The Rohingyas first caught the international media’s attention in 2012 when riots perpetuated against them by the Buddhist of Arakan state of Myanmar broke out. But the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar have a long story to tell of their persecution which is still continuing. Recently dubbed as the “boat people” by various media groups, the Rohingyas fleeing violence and poverty in Myanmar have been caught up between the refugee camps of neighbouring countries of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and traffickers who abandon them at sea. The most recent census in Myanmar registered them as Bengalis and not Rohingya i.e. a native of Arakan state. The Myanmar government claims...

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