Author: Anwesha Choudhury

Growing Resentment : After Writers; Filmmakers & Scientists Return National Awards

Knowledge does not follow any boundary – Once again proven by the returning of national awards and Padma Bhushan  by heavy weight filmmakers and scientists following over 30 authors who returned their Sahitya Akademi Awards to protest “growing intolerance in country”. Different field, different arts, different artists, but they all united to protest against government interference in film, science, logic, etc. To support the 139 days strike from June of 300 FTII students against the appointment of BJP member and TV actor Gajendra Chauhan as the institute Chairperson in their reputed institute, filmmaker Dibakar Bannerjee and 11 others renounced their national awards, although FTII...

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Let The Stress Go, Time To Welcome Maa Durga

It is the time to keep aside the stress and to comeback to your roots when the striated autumn white clouded sky, enchanting sight of wall-to-wall ‘Kashfool’ and fragrance of ‘Shiuli’ and Lotus flower, smell of special Puja publication of “Shuktara” takes out to join hearts. Every Bong worldwide will agree to do even overtime in office for taking vacation in the month of Aswin from the first to tenth day of the bright fortnight with Virendrakrishna Bhadra’s goosebumps giving voice on Mahaloya, Soptomi’s pandal hopping, Anjoli, Sindurkhela etc. Ya Devi Sarbavuteshu Shakti Rupeno Sangsthita – this goosebumps giving mantra welcoming the biggest festival...

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Tears on Undigitized Poverty in Digitized India

India is getting digitalized, but poverty is not. When the whole country is changing their profile picture in Facebook to support Digital India, none raised hand against or questioned the recent child maid abuse in Kolkata, not even the cops. Last Wednesday it was reported by Children Welfare Society of West Bengal, Police from Phoolbagan Thana, Kolkata called their office to inform them about a 13 year abused child maid, who has been rescued from a flat on Ramkrishna Samadhi road. But after 3 days, members of Children Welfare Society had been shocked to see the girl’s health condition. According to the victim,...

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