Bohag Bihu

Bihu: The Festival and Culture of Assam

The word Bihu is basically derived from the language of Dimasa Kacharis, which is considered as the agricultural community in the state of Assam in India since ages. The word Bihu was earlier termed as “Bishu” which meant mostly [...]
April Fool The Day For Fools

April Fool: The Day For Fools

Everyone is well associated with this day. April Fool’s Day is celebrated the world over on 1st April every year. People love playing pranks on each other on this day. This day is all about fun and rejoice. Mostly practical jokes are played [...]

Obsession With Celebrities

The word “Celebrity” arouses curiosity in our minds. We all love to watch them. When we watch actors on screen, we love their appearance and watch to be like them. In today’s world, all, especially youth are much obsessed with [...]