Eight Of The Ten Malala Yousafzai Attackers Set Free

Malala Yousafazai, the Pakistani teenage child right activist whom Taliban tried to gun down in 2012 was fortunately granted life putting the 10 attackers behind the bars. But Pakistan has covertly acquitted 8 of the 10 attackers. In fact 10th [...]
Bombay Velvet Slips to Qualify Our Expectations

Bombay Velvet Slips to Qualify Our Expectations

This time the top banana of Bollywood, Anurag Kashyap comes to nothing with Ranbir and Anushka starred Bombay Velvet. What happens when one tries being odd is a disaster. The glimpses of its trailer did weave our minds with fine lines of expectation [...]

Priyanka Chopra Does Us Proud with her Debut Lead in American TV series, ‘Quantico’

Miss World pageant of 2000, Priyanka Chopra has burgeoned galore in her career, knowing no halt. From Bollywood to Hollywood, she has made herself a ubiquitous personality. Way back in 2013, the song ‘Exotic’ which featured her with the [...]
Ranbir Kapoor Finally to Have ‘Shaadi ka Ladoo’ with Katrina Kaif

Ranbir Kapoor Finally to Have ‘Shaadi ka Ladoo’ with Katrina Kaif

The much-awaited notification, although not for fantasizing Ms-to-Mrs Kapoor, pops up finally, the couple from Azab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani who married on silver screen would soon tie the knot off-screen. Lastly, the years-long GF-BF relationship [...]

Mother’s Day: A Tribute To All The Mothers

You breathe within ‘her’ for nine months. Aren’t mothers great? Mother’s Day like all others, Children’s Day, Sibling’s Day, Father’s Day and Parent’s Day is reveled once in a year in the honour of all those self-sacrificing [...]
Like Gandhi, Like Modi, Both Dislike Violence

Like Gandhi, Like Modi, Both Dislike Violence

The soil of Maoist-plagued Dantewada in Chhattisgarh, today sensed the royal footsteps falling on it. Yes, since his prime ministerial post, this visit was Modi’s first. The speech conducted by Modi was powerful, like always but echoed more [...]
Because He is Sal(man) and not Common(man)

Because He is Sal(man) and not Common(man)

Friday brought in solace to both Salman and his admirers after the Bombay High Court suspended the looming five-year sentence over Khan. Wednesday turned out black for him when he was charged of the homicide that occurred 13 years back from [...]

Modi’s Magic is Omnipresent, Be it India or China

Wherever he goes, there always follows a downpour of his charisma. Already very active on social media, Modi, now registered himself on Weibo, China’s popular social media. His one-on-one interaction with Chinese folks from Monday just prior [...]
Royal baby

Royal Baby: Duchess of Cambridge Gives Birth to a Daughter

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge once again are privileged to feel the parents of a newly born baby. But this time, royalty came as a ‘daughter’ with a weight of 3.5 Kgs, unlike 2012. Hospital anyways experience buzz routinely, but when [...]
Salman Khan

Yes, Hindu-Muslim Co-Exists, Salman Khan Proves So

The ‘bhai’ of Bollywood leaves the court flummoxed with his affirmation of being dualistic, Hindu-Muslim. Dabangg man who on Wednesday was brought to court against his impending poaching charges painted a bizarre version on caste. On being [...]