Author: Priyanka Prakash

Adverse Effects of Fireworks in Diwali

It’s that time of the year again when lights will illuminate the darkened skies, when candles will be a symbol of joy and happiness and when people will find a reason to relish on the most divine sweets, yes it is Diwali. One of the most celebrated festive seasons of India, Diwali marks some of the rarest days of the year when the whole nation is seen coming together on the occasion of some of the grandest celebrations. But while happiness and grandeur may be the outer shell of the festival, the inner core includes issues that we hardly take...

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Evolution of Great Indian Mythologies – Part II

Continued from Part I ( Refer : ) These Mythologies were written by great ancient sages centuries ago. Today, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have spread across various countries in Asia with further translation into various regional languages. While majority of these diverse narrations share the same basic story, there are additions that have been made over a period of time in order to suit the ideologies and beliefs of a particular culture. For instance, while some end the Ramayana with Ram and Sita going back to their kingdom, Ayodhya and ruling, others end the same with Ram banishing Sita who eventually gives birth to two sons,...

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Evolution of Great Indian Mythologies – Part I

Evolution is a long drawn process that has been occurring over centuries. While some species limited their process of development to adaptability and survival, others craved for a bit more. Development in terms of physical aspects just did not seem enough. Growth in terms of understanding and reasoning was now given far more importance. While the initial phase of evolution was more individualistic, mankind soon witnessed a gradual shift through the formation of societies. Now, as people started living together there came a basic need for sharing. This need was not bound to only tangible goods. As the scope for explorations and discoveries widened, people...

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