Author: Sakshi Sood

The Tradition Barter

Not being much involved into the traditional rituals, citing excuses of busy schedules, my slightly fair understanding of Pitru-Paksha is to pay reminiscence to the late loved ones, through rituals and food offerings. It also deems a period of 16 days unsuitable for any auspicious or celebrative beginnings. This period also sets in a nostalgia about the elders who set rhythm to our households or the unfortunate younger ones whom we could not revel enough. If one may think deeper, you can never un-debt from the huge legacy that these people leave behind. Legacies I am referring to are not of assets, properties...

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The Essential “Chai-Paani”

A regular day for all of us is filled with tasks and duties, joys and annoyances, conversations and silences. Then adding to the tyranny of mundane life, is the unpleasant mix of news; from immediate and distant surroundings, which sends the mind rushing through volatile but ignored thoughts. A democratic setup is least expected to guarantee basic law and regulation systems in place, optimum security and safety to citizens and easy access to various services in organized manner. But in actual, this “law-story” isn’t so modest and clean; but is a dark but interesting series of events, pleasant and unpleasant both. Being an influential...

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Leap of Faith

Faith may just be a five letter word, but probably one of the strongest word driving the things around. Such is its power that it impregnates innumerable beliefs and disbeliefs, which remain unchallenged against any sight or sound. Extreme faith, for some, graduates to reverence; around which one seems to anchor their life wholly, be it their sorrows or joys, success or failure, rather anything or everything. In light of recent upsurge of controversy surrounding the famous ‘Radhe Ma’, the opinion divide of is so fierce that neither of the sides refuses their faith. Similar was the case when controversy and further judicial...

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Distress of Dame

The recently reported agony of the young IAS officer Riju Bafna doesn’t quite really shock me at the apathy of the incidence. Though it is appalling that all concerned are amongst the dignitaries of the bureaucracy; be it the victim, Riju Bafna; the guilty, Santosh Chaubey or the culprit, Lalit Sharma. The cases of harassment at workplace or social gatherings are not uncommon. Surprising is the fact that in some self-assumed supremacy, a foolish man has the nerve to bother a lady to fancy his musings. There is no dignity in such advances which continue to cause discomfort after...

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Gurdaspur Attack: Another Despair

A terror attack in any part of the country is painful because innocent lives are lost, be it a civilian or a security personnel. The tragedy of Gurdaspur of 27th July took toll on 7 lives; 3 unaware civilians, 4 martyred policeman, for a revenge they did not sow. The 3 malefic militants, with will to kill, lost to the bravehearts eventually, after an indiscriminate battle that lasted nearly 11 hours. It has again shook the political machinery, yet again, which is left squabbling on who takes the blame. Does a terrorist attack intend to do only that, or do...

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