A Different Durga Puja : The First Ever Transgender Durga Puja

The sweet fragrance of ’Shami’ tree revolves around, the sound of ulludh heard around . Everyone is busy shopping and distant relatives starts to be concerned about you. The numerous pandals deck up all around in the city . That’s when [...]

Mukti Bhawan : Moksha : Banaras

Have you helped some one to die? No I am not talking about euthanasia. In fact I am talking about a hostel cum home were you can come and die i.e “Mukti Bhawan”. Varanasi holds an important place in Hindu mythology. Being the oldest [...]

Stampede Kills 716 in Mecca During Hajj Pilgrimage

Around 716 people died and another 863 got injured in a stampede near the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia while taking part in Hajj pilgrimage. At an intersection in Mina, about six miles east of the city, stampede occurred around 9am on [...]

Anatomy Of A Hungry India

The key to good sleep is good mattress, cool atmosphere, comfortable setting. You thought only that? No there is one more important ingredient required for the perfect recipe of good sleep and that is a filled stomach. Ever tried sleeping [...]

Death & Dosh Culture of Japan

Life and death is a part of one’s existence. Death is inevitable as known to everyone. We all have imagined life after death and have our own interpretations of it, for which religion media and writers play a major part in the formulation [...]

Internet Ban in Gujarat

No WhatsApp! No Facebook! No Twitter! No internet in short!! No I am not talking on the bad effect of social media and internet but in fact I am talking to the situation of Gujarat where the internet is banned from past 4 days due to the ongoing [...]
Protest By Patels

Hardik Patel, The Face of The Latest Storm In Modi’s Gujarat

“Quotas” the very controversial word has affect us all. Some have been profited others faced loss. Let us not discuss on the social benefit of the word quota. My main point of bringing this up, is to draw your attention to the ongoing protest [...]
Digital Kerala

Digital Kerala

Smartphones,  E-literacy, E-governance. No I am not talking about Modi’s digital vision. But I am referring to the reality of a digitalized state whose vision arose much before Modi’s initiative. Kerala which is India’s only 100% literacy [...]
The Last Remaining Dynasties and the Kings of World

The Last Remaining Dynasties and the Kings of World

King of??  Queen of??  If you think I am referring to the pack of cards, were king or queen are to be drawn from then think again. I am talking about monarchs. Monarchy a complex system of kings or crown holders (who are chosen by birth) ruling [...]

Political Cricket

When the term cricket is mentioned in front of you, what picture comes in mind? Picture of batsman and bowler playing in the field. But for Indians it is much more than that. India is a nation where cricket is more than just a sport, it is lived [...]