kindle paperwhite

Amazon Launches the All New Kindle Paperwhite with a Great Resolution Score of 300 PPI

The all new Kindle Paperwhite Wi-Fi, priced at $119 or INR 7,700, has been recently announced by Amazon. The Kindle Paperwhite offers a high-resolution screen and e-link display and comes in 2 variants. The other Kindle Paperwhite variant has [...]
Facebook News

Facebook Considers “Time Spent on News Feeds Reading” To Make Itself More Relevant for Visitors

  Facebook is now going to be more interesting and useful. The social media website “Facebook” is going to be more interesting for visitors. The website will provide real-time updates of news feeds so that the visitors get more engaging, [...]

Facebook Is Expanding Its Reach To News Articles

Most people love to explore Facebook for latest updates and news. And now users can get more news as the social media giant is introducing new features to  grab news instantly. Facebook is soon launching a new feature named “Instant Articles” [...]
food delivery via google

Now Order Food Directly From Google Search Results

Order Food now with Google Search Results – With its ever-growing cluster of functions and features, now Google will help users to order food directly through search results.  Like always, Google is trying to make things easier for [...]
star wars

Astronauts on Space Station Celebrate Star Wars Day by Watching Sci-Fi Movie

International Space Station tweeted “Just watching @StarWars in space. No big deal”. American astronauts who are on the International Space Station or ISS have revealed that they had been watching the sci-fi movie thriller Star Wars on [...]
Early detection of ovarian cancer

Blood Tests “Boost” the Early Diagnosis Chances of Ovarian Cancer

Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer – A study started in the year 2001 in the UK suggests that blood tests provide for early detection of ovarian cancer. The findings of the study have started to emerge out this year. The 14-year trial [...]
universal blood donor

New research paves the way for Universal Blood Donorship

Universal Blood Donorship for all blood types A new research by Canadian researchers, including one of Indian origin, has found a way to change all the donated blood to a single type. This reformed singular type of neutral blood can be given [...]

Microsoft Simplifies Porting of iOS and Android Apps to Windows 10

Integrating Android apps to Windows 10 – Microsoft’s Vice President of the OS development department, Terry Myerson said that the company aims that around 1 billion devices will run on Windows 10 OS within the next 2 or 3 years Android [...]

Earthquake causes extensive damage to pagodas and monuments of Nepal

  Apart from other casualties and destructions, the earthquake has also caused extensive damage to the monuments of Nepal. Many of the ancient pagodas are now reduced to stumps covered by debris and rubble. One of the major collapses is [...]
american airline

iPad Error Causes Grounding of American Airline Jets

A minor malfunction in an iPad software caused grounding of several planes of American Airlines. The app was used by pilots and co-pilots to see the flight plans. AA says that it is still investigating the issue and will find the cause of the [...]