Baseball Legend Ernie Banks Died

Ernie Banks died! The baseball legend is no more. The son of Chicago left his last breath in Illinois City today. He was at 83. His unexpected death brings sadness over the Chicago baseball club as well as among the baseball lovers.

ernie bank died at 83

Ernie Banks death at 83, is unexpected and big blow to baseball world

Reaction after Ernie Banks died:

The chairman of the Cub of Chicago said the Ernie Banks is one of the greatest players of all time.

Ever optimistic and kind hearted Mr. Ernie Banks will be always a Mr. Cub of the Chicago without any doubt. The mayor of the Chicago said that they lost the ambassador of the city and a greatest sportsman of all time. He also added that Ernie Banks is the great champion as well as a great human being.

A big wind of sympathy and sharing the sympathy is blowing in the social media too.

Here are some of them-

Ernie Bank died at 83

Ernie Banks death is a big loss


Ernie Banks died

Social attachment after the death of Ernie Banks

He was the first baseman’s who accomplished 2,583 hits, 11 National League of all star selection, 512 home runs that including five seasons and hitting more than 40 homers! You just can imagine if you saw him hitting at that period.

Ernie is known as Mr. Sunshine and Mr. Cub in the Chicago. In 2013, he was awarded with presidential award by the President Barrack Obama.

In his early life Ernie used to earn only USD 7 a month but never left his love and cheer for baseball and came up with a greatest player of the baseball history.

The death of Ernie Banks is a great lost to his club, city and to the baseball world for sure as player like him born in a century.

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