A long war is going on between Afghan soldiers and Taliban near Kunduz after they had been driven out by Government forces. Before a few months Taliban suddenly came and took the control of the northern Afghan city- Kunduz in September stunned its residents along with the Afghan government and also its Western allies. It was the very first time the insurgents had taken control of a rural capital given that the Taliban were ousted from power in 2001.  Abdul Hafiz was just one of many citizens that encountered Taliban fighters on the city’s roads after the early morning attack on Monday 28 September.

Kunduz war

How Taliban came and took Kunduz under Control

“I had actually merely completed the dawn prayer when I headed out at dawn to ask my neighbours concerning the previous night’s dealing with” Hafiz recalls. “On the street I saw a pickup with armed men in civil dresses, I believed they were guards of some regional commander, however it turned out they were Taliban leaders”.

The imam from the mosque called me and stated that Taliban had captured of the city and were asking for morning meal” he claims. “A neighbor and also I prepared a pet butchered for Eid for the Taliban fighters who were in the mosque that morning.

The basement became bed room, bathroom and kitchen for the entire family members. “We were unable to head out since bullets were striking the trees around right here as well as we were afraid of being harmed or killed.” Mr Hafiz claims. On the 6th day when food ran out and the combating increased the family left the city for Takhar province in the early morning. Hundreds of Kunduz locals had comparable encounters.

The US air strikes on the Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Kunduz on 3 October stands out as one of the most awful catastrophes in Afghanistan’s long dispute. At least 30 people, including people and also team, were killed in the strike, lots of incinerated in exactly what turned into a snake pit.

MSF claimed the strike broke the rules of war, while the United States has actually currently apologised for a “tragic mistake”. When they saw the wrecks of the facility, the gates to the burned-out complex were shut as several questions were still taking place, but they were granted rare accessibility.

As anyone entered the grounds everyone is advised of a scene in a battle movie. The terribly damaged as well as melted parts of the building were sealed.

The doctor that revealed about went to fixing the evening the center came under attack. “It is tough to explain the moment when my classmates were weeping and dying,” he informed.

Going back to Kunduz after the Taliban attack, they located a step of normality going back to the city, though the marks of the fight are still visible in numerous places. Kunduz prison was just one of the main targets when the militants went into the city. Its wall surfaces as well as gate still birth the signs of bullet as well as rocket fire,.

Taliban fighters released more than 600 detainees in the attack, amongst them 150 were Taliban fighters. The prison was almost vacant when Government troops visited. “When the Taliban got in the jail, they began firing, they compelled us to head out,” he claimed. “If we had not left we most likely would have passed away below”.

All that is unlikely to transform quickly because Kunduz stays on the front line in between Afghan forcess and the Taliban as occasional battling keeps around several districts as well as towns near the city.

The cops commander of the Kunduz showed us some Taliban flags lifted over some residences in neighboring areas. “We are launching clearance operations, however in order to secure civilians lives, we like accuracy over rate in these operations,” Danishi stated. However he additionally recommended the government had to transform its technique. “Safety and security forcess must not wait for opponents,” he said. “We have to target their shelters before they can build up a solid visibility”. Many Kunduz citizens agree the Taliban needs to be pushed back this winter months.