Because He is Sal(man) and not Common(man)

Friday brought in solace to both Salman and his admirers after the Bombay High Court suspended the looming five-year sentence over Khan. Wednesday turned out black for him when he was charged of the homicide that occurred 13 years back from now. The 2002 hit-and-run case in which Bhai banged his Toyota Land Cruiser on men slept on a pavement of Bandra with one death and four injured.

Because He is Sal(man) and not Common(man)

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Salman Khan was asked to surrender prior to the trial court and pride a bail bond of Rs.30,000. Khan’s passport is with the investigating agency and clearly indicates that he would require to run after the court’s permission every time he looks forward to tour abroad. Until June 15, the subject would undergo further directions followed by the appeal in undeclared date of July.

“It is nobody’s case that the applicant is likely to abscond during the pendency of the appeal,” said Justice AM Thipsay.

What bothered the HC was the inclusion of Section 304-II (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) of the Indian Penal Code. The court declared further discussion and consideration only can unriddle the dilemma.

Amit Desai, senior counsel stated that Salman was neither at the wheel nor in a drunken state that night. He put forward an example of Alister Pereira who committed the similar deed. Desai mentioned that Periera’s car was evidenced with a bottle of alcohol unlike Salman. “We can’t say that people drink and drive on the streets of Mumbai,” Desai said. The defence counsel also added that Salman had never summoned up the courage to defy any bail conditions.

The scenario outside the court was no less dramatic than the movies of Salman. Gourango Kundu, nurturing an ambition of being a Bollywood script writer and a resident of Bandra attempted suicide. He said that his dreams would never shape into reality without Salman and consumed poison in the fear of seeing his dreams shattered.

So, the golden heart man is now free from being behind the iron-hard bars.

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