Everyday there is a breaking news, if yesterday’s one was about ISIS, then today’s one is about Boko Haram. These two radical Muslim militant groups have been storming the whole world. Indiscriminate killing is their only motto to establish Caliphate again. Hardly before a week ago, ISIS took a chance and killed 70 people in Tunisia’s beach. Now Boko Harama mocked them and killed 150 innocent people near a village in Chad Lake. Almost 150 individuals are accounted for to have been killed by suspected Boko Haram Islamist militants in assaults in Nigeria’s north-eastern Borno state.

Boko Haram killed 150 in Nigeria

Two Different Group with Same Inhuman Motto 

Nigeria has been the centre of Boko Harama activity since last February. They abducted more than 200 school girls- most of them are being used as sex slave just like ISIS had done with the Yezidis in Iraq. But the only difference is that, ISIS did that to the Yezidis but Boko Haram in Nigeria has not been sparing anyone, even the Muslims also.

What happened there in that village?

Witnesses say the shooters raged the town of Kukawa close Lake Chad on Wednesday night, killing 97 individuals, including ladies and kids. On Tuesday, the militants shot dead 48 men after they had completed prayer in the village centre’s mosque in two towns close to the town of Monguno, an inhabitant told the reporters. Just think about it! Killing people when they were worshipping Allah! What kind of objectives they are fulfilling, by doing these kinds of inhuman things- we have no clue.

The ladies are said to have been saved. Monguno was as of late recovered from Boko Haram. No less than 23 individuals kicked the bucket in the town a month ago after a reallocated Boko Haram bomb blasted amid celebrations to stamp the fruitful military operation against the Islamist bunch of terrorists. This attack has raised the actual risk in that region.

As per Amnesty International, no less than 17,000 individuals, maximum of them are unarmed citizens, have been killed subsequent to 2009, when Boko Haram propelled its savage uprising to attempt to force aggressor Islamist standard. They are trying to establish shariya law. But it seemed that they had lost power after the joint operation of five nation’s joint military forces.

More than 50 militants raged Kukawa on Wednesday.

The terrorists initially slipped on Muslim admirers in different mosques who were doing the Maghrib namaz soon after breaking their quick– he said.

They… opened fire on the people who were for the most part men and youthful kids. They saved no one. Indeed, while a percentage of the terrorists held up and set the vast majority of the bodies ablaze, others continued to houses and shot unpredictably at ladies who were trying to escape– he said.

A resident of Monguno told that he had heard weapon shots at one of the two towns assaulted on Tuesday and saw it ablaze.

They were asking in the mosque when Boko Haram militants dropped on the town. They held up till they completed the Namaz (Prayer). They assembled them in one spot, isolated men from ladies and opened fire on them he said.

Numerous kicked the bucket, some got away. They then set the town ablaze. I saw five casualties with shot injuries who figured out how to get away. They were conveyed to [Monguno] on wheelbarrows, before they were exchanged to vehicles that took them to the hospitals.

We don’t know how they will achieve their motto by killing people. They did not spare the 150 young people who were praying namaz also. All the African countries declared half day off. America and some European countries also reacted on these occasion and White House said- It has to be stopped at any cost soon.