Nigerian Boko Haram militants attacked a border town of Chad overnight, the first such strike on Chadian soil, officials say. Militants of Boko Haram crossed the Lake Chad in four motorboats and attacked a town. The Islamist militants were pushed once again by Chadian troops in the wake of murdering a few individuals.

Chad as of late joined Nigeria, Niger, and Cameroon in a military coalition against Boko Haram militants.

The jihadists, who need to make their own particular Islamic caliphate in Nigeria, have slaughtered thousands and constrained millions to escape their homes in north-eastern Nigeria since 2009.

Boko Haram militants attacked a border town of Chad

Casualties happened in attack of the Chad Town by Boko Haram:  

Colonel Azem Bermandoua Agouna, of the Chadian military, told that the militants had slaughtered one officer and injured a further four in the town of Ngouboua.

Mr Agouna said that a local police chief was murdered additionally amid the attack by a stray slug. He didn’t affirm reports of other civilian losses. Two Boko Haram militants were killed and five deadly injured in counter attack, he said.

How Boko Haram militants carried out the attack in the town (Chad):   

Local Inhabitants guesses the number of the attackers at around 30 and said they burnt 66% of the town’s homes. They went ahead board three kayaks and succeeded in killing around 10 civilians before being pushed once more by the armed force.

Reaction of Chad military after the Boko Haram militants attacked:

Chadian military aircraft completed air strikes against the militants accordingly just after the attack, wrecking their vessels. Chadian police are patrolling in Lake Chad. Chad started and shaped a military collusion in January with Nigeria, Niger, and Cameroon, went for crushing the extremist Boko Haram.

Chad, seen as having the area’s best military, has led airstrikes against the jihadist in both Nigeria and Niger, and positioned its troops in the fringe regions around Lake Chad.

The Islamist militants (Boko Haram) bunch has escalated its attacks against Nigeria’s neighbors accordingly, driving a great number of inhabitants to escape their homes.

Boko Haram has been attacking Cameroon for about a year, yet now it has completed attacks in both Niger and Chad inside a week, making those nations pay for their interest in a territorial hostile against the Nigerian insurgency.

Be that as it may can the Islamist militants battle on four fronts in the meantime?

Why Boko Haram militants attacked the town of Chad:

Obviously, Boko Haram needs to show that it can strike wherever it needs. Be that as it may its attacks have all so far been propelled from Nigeria – it has yet to increase nearby in neighboring nations, which it will require so as to change what has turned into a territorial war into a local insurgency.