This time the top banana of Bollywood, Anurag Kashyap comes to nothing with Ranbir and Anushka starred Bombay Velvet. What happens when one tries being odd is a disaster. The glimpses of its trailer did weave our minds with fine lines of expectation but all that glitters is not gold every time.

Bombay Velvet Slips to Qualify Our Expectations

Let’s live the movie through some coming words after which I bet, you would dare to waste your hard-earned pennies on it. The movie begins with perfectly shot scenes of Bombay in 60’s, which for the first time harbingered Anurag Kashyap’s evolution from low-budget to high-budget film. Ranbir, better, a wretched Johnny Balraj sets his foot on the mysterious land of Mumbai with a foster mother, a professional prostitute. Balraj unknowingly falls under the clutches of Karan Johar or Kaizad (corrupt business tycoon), who completely soaks Balraj in the filth of underworld. It is now when a trivial street-roaming criminal holds a managerial post in a ritzy club. Balraj does every damn crime to burgeon in his materialistic life but what his blood-washed hands still missed was the counterpart, his dream girl. This dream too comes true to fail later, when he bumps into an exploited flashy singer to only find himself betrayed. To put it very straight, if you seem to envisage the appealing chemistry between these so-called love birds, then please peel off this layered misconception of your mind. The story revolves around the troubled journey of the trio.

The first half still somehow strives to keep your butts adhered to the seats  of the theatre but the second half falls flat, not even the highly-paid comfort of gold class can hold you back. Unnecessary spasm and pace would leave you gaping with ‘what’s happening man’. Folds of deception, callousness, betrayal and violence are too much for one to unfold in the second half. To top, the climax, when Ranbir with his machine gun sets out on a motion to colossal killings, would ignite you to curse the one your eyes first met on the break of your sleep.

Not worth a watch for the ones who counts in time as an expensive resource.