Can a Stick Come to Rescue of a Woman?

India, the country where ‘rape’ scares life out of the foreign tourists, probably more than that of ‘swine flu’. Augmenting at an alarming rate, the rapes seem to have descended every corner of our nation. The safety-imploring voices throughout the country yen for a full-stop to such brutality. Unendurable woes of our ‘daughters’ lastly seem to have triggered this man from Pune, Dr. Pawan Kohli (in association with eggheads from US, Germany, Japan and Singapore), coming up with ‘Samiidha Bhavani’. ‘Samiidha Bhavani’ is a self-defense stick-like weapon designed in a manner to assist women staving off the assault.

Can a Stick Come to Rescue of a WomanWhat actually does this nine-inch road (drawing out to two feet three inches) boast of?

1.5 kg of this road camouflages within itself a several valuable features, protecting ‘her’ dignity. The inbuilt strobe produces flashes which when being switched on would result into a short-lived blindness in the attacker. And simultaneously happens is the siren-play notifying the passerby. Possessed with a pepper-spray function with a merit of being 25 times more efficient than the ordinary one, this pepper spray holds in the potential of encountering minimum of 10 ‘devils’.

The device is hi-tech enough to text five messages to the pre-set phone numbers but call one. Finger touch on one of the other buttons would send the details of woman’s exact location to any one contact. The exclusiveness still doesn’t end, exhibiting a stick gun operation whose harmless shock waves would fling the assaulter a couple of feet back. Last but not the least, there’s a 4-inch knife disguised under this stick.

Panchamrit (blend of sugar, honey, milk,yogurt and ghee) which is used as an offering to ‘Goddesses’ sounds pretty much akin to this ‘Panch-prodyogyki’ ( blend of five technologies of electronics, chemical, electrical, telecommunication and mechanical) , but as an offering to ‘our daughters’.

It costs Dr. Kohli approximately INR 5,000 to fabricate the stick and looks forward to sell it below 1,000.

But, can it actually eliminate the question mark on women’s safety?

Satisfaction-free Sudha Ramalingam, a Chennai based women’s rights activist claims woman’s nails and teeth to be her foremost arsenals for defense. There always exists a chance of woman being refrained to grab such stick during the attack time because of their subdued physical strength. But she defined it as ‘preventive’.

Dr. Kohli says he had demanded the government of its sell in police stations and Baba Ramdev’s famed store, ‘Patanjali Yogpeeth’.

There’s no denial to the appreciable job of this intellectual doctor but solution to such sensitive and horrific issues always leaves behind a ‘?’.

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