How To Go About Creating Custom Objects In Salesforce

How To Go About Creating Custom Objects In Salesforce

The database tables in Salesforce are called objects. The objects are of two types Standard and custom. When any brand new Salesforce Org is unwrapped, there is some functionality already set up there which is called standard object like Accounts, [...]
Should You Buy Your Own Car or Call a Cab

Should You Buy Your Own Car or Call a Cab

Travel is an essential part of life. You probably won’t be able to recall the last time you decided to go to walk to a far off destination. According to a report published in The Hindu “Bangalore city has one vehicle for every two persons”. [...]
Buying a Term Plan, Read Before you Move Further

Buying a Term Plan, Read Before you Move Further

Term insurance is the answer to the one of the most appalling questions- ‘What if I die tomorrow, how my family will survive? If you have a term insurance plan then you don’t need to worry. The insurer will pay sum assured to your nominee [...]

Moscow To Go For Economic Sanction On Turkey

Russia endangered financial retaliation against Turkey on Thursday and also claimed it was still awaiting a practical explanation for the obliterating of its warplane, yet Turkey disregarded the threats as emotional and inappropriate. In a rising [...]

Paris Attacker Identified, Belgian Link To Investigate

Paris is mourning; many people have lost their dear one or family members. IS attackers did not spare any one. They shoot everyone down who came in front of them. One of the attackers that killed 129 innocent individuals in Paris has actually [...]

Maggi All Set To Stage A Comeback

Nestle India released a statement that all 90 samples, covering six variants, has cleared all the tests, conducted by three laboratories (Mohali, Jaipur and Hyderabad) as per the orders of the Bombay High Court. They further stated that all [...]

Zam Hydropower Station, Largest Dam in Tibet on River Brahmaputra Gets Operational

The largest dam in Tibet, which is built across Brahmaputra river has started its functioning since 13th October. Zam Hydropower Station which has cost around USD 1.5 billion (9.6 billion Yuan) is now operational and it is expected that it [...]
One Plus 2 flash Sale

One Plus 2 Flash Sale Without Invitation in India

World famous smartphone manufacturing company One Plus’s second lined up phone One Plus 2 is going to be sold without invitation in India today at 12 PM. The flash sale will be for just an hour. You have to grab the phone in between. One [...]

Angela Merkel Visits India – Digitizing Tomorrow Together

PM Narendra Modi welcomed German Chancellor Angela Merkel to India with a Namaste tweet on the 4th of October. The Chancellor’s following three days in India for the 3rd Intergovernmental Consultations underlined new diplomatic definitions [...]

RBI Cuts Down Repo Rate

Reserve Bank of India today slashed down the repo rate by 0.5% or 50 basis points to 6.75%. The repo rate now stands at four and half year low. The rate cut shall be effective from 05th October. However the cash reserve ratio has been unchanged [...]