A Series of Unfortunate Events

A lot of news stories have been about this unfortunate growth of “intolerance” lately. Especially since it’s drawing more comments every few days from prominent writers, actors and politicians. How could it not? Every citizen wants [...]

Evolution of Great Indian Mythologies – Part II

Continued from Part I ( Refer : http://goo.gl/3wktyl ) These Mythologies were written by great ancient sages centuries ago. Today, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have spread across various countries in Asia with further translation into [...]

A Different Durga Puja : The First Ever Transgender Durga Puja

The sweet fragrance of ’Shami’ tree revolves around, the sound of ulludh heard around . Everyone is busy shopping and distant relatives starts to be concerned about you. The numerous pandals deck up all around in the city . That’s when [...]

Nobel Prize 2015

It is that time of the year when those in academic circles are excited beyond any comparison and are eagerly awaiting the identification of their own or their colleague’s accomplishments. It is a strong held belief in the academic world [...]

Soil From Sonagachi And Durga Idol Making

Soil from the sinful land is used to carve idols during Durga Pujo. The reason continues to remain a mystery! As Durga Pujo is round-the-corner, a particular Kumortuli in Kolkata goes into delirium. Kumortuli is the land of artisans in Kolkata. [...]

Evolution of Great Indian Mythologies – Part I

Evolution is a long drawn process that has been occurring over centuries. While some species limited their process of development to adaptability and survival, others craved for a bit more. Development in terms of physical aspects just did [...]

Tears on Undigitized Poverty in Digitized India

India is getting digitalized, but poverty is not. When the whole country is changing their profile picture in Facebook to support Digital India, none raised hand against or questioned the recent child maid abuse in Kolkata, not even the cops. [...]
As Islamic State (IS) looks to extend the region under its control in Iraq and Syria, assaulting the border town of Kobane. "This is Crusader-Arab injustice, a war on all Sunnis," read a bulletin at a late challenge in Syria against non military personnel losses said to be the aftereffect of US air strikes. On the off chance that shelling is executing a few regular citizens, it is nothing unexpected. Islamic State is a generally little, unpredictable power, scattered among the populace. Yet, more than that - in the progressive, rustic Sunni Arab heartland, a large portion of the IS fighters are neighborhood tribesmen. The jihadists are not some foreign scourge. They developed out of the dirt of Iraq and Syria. Toward the begin, the Arab Spring and the guarantee of majority rule government appeared to make al-Qaeda, or its variations, insignificant. In any case, two years into Syria's thoughtful war, I remember chancing upon a senior officer with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), one of those touted by Western ambassadors as a common moderate. I realized later that he had recently showed up on YouTube beside a famously savage Chechen jihadist commander. As the common war ground on, the rebels started to change. Some I knew who had not appeared to be especially religious began to pepper their discussion with quotes from the Koran. The clarification was mostly that fighter who took a chance with their lives consistently, and saw passing surrounding them, had rediscovered and reinforced their confidence. They had additionally lost trust that genuine Western help would ever come. Rather, they had swung to the jihadists, financed by rich benefactors in the Gulf. From the shadows One of those jihadist groups was the al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda's Syrian backup, which is currently being bombarded alongside Islamic State. We experienced them back in January 2013, generally as they were rising up out of the shadows. This dreaded and cryptic group consented to identify with us. I asked them whether the jihad would proceed if a popularity based Syria rejected their point of building up an Islamic state. That will never happen said a commander. Syria is an Islamic nation and individuals love Islam. They're bolstered up of common administrations. It's unimaginable that they would dismiss Sharia. Very much financed, and all around composed, less slanted to the robbery and capturing honed by parts of the FSA, al-Nusra rapidly turned into one of the most grounded rebel groups. They started a bleeding battle over who might control Syria's unrest against the jihadists who now make up Islamic State. Other rebel groups - generally from the FSA - agreed with al-Nusra in that battle and - this time a year ago - went along with them in issuing "Dispatch No 1". That likewise broke with Syria's Western-supported political restriction, the National Coalition. War inside of a war Report No 1 was an unmistakable statement that the rebels were battling for Sharia, not popular government. It was a destruction of Western strategy - progressively, Western governments would think that its hard to recognize rebel groups they could back in Syria's uprising. In the mean time, there was a common war inside of the common war - a battle between diverse groups of Islamists. Al-Nusra and the other rebel groups pushed Islamic State out of Aleppo and back to their central station of Raqqa. IS - ever adaptable - swung to Iraq. There, Sunni grievances against the Shia-drove government, had given them an opening. They seized it in June of this current year when they took control of Iraq's second biggest city, Mosul. I think that even IS was astonished by the velocity and size of the triumph in Mosul. The gigantic defilement in the Iraqi security forces was somewhat to fault. Furthermore, Shia troopers would not have liked to battle for overwhelmingly Sunni urban areas like Mosul or Tikrit, while numerous Sunnis saw the Shia-drove government in Baghdad as lethally partisan. In Mosul, IS caught huge amounts of weapons and ammo, and several defensively covered vehicles and tanks. They likewise caught the purposeful publicity activity - youthful Sunnis ran to the reason. In Syria, along these lines, IS had the capacity go into all out attack mode at the end of the day. The jihadists are shutting in, progressing along the principle street to Kobane; the Kurds know they must stop them there or lose the town. The Kurds say that air strikes have not halted IS from moving forces up to face them. They are arguing for a more conclusive Western mediation. Islamic State fighters shot themselves making progress toward Kobane glad and loose. They trust triumph is inside of their grip. Still, in Kobane, the US has a Kurdish infantry that can exploit air strikes. It might basically take more serious strikes to tip the equalization. Somewhere else in Syria, there are several Sunni Arab outfitted groups, a hefty portion of them Islamist. Al-Nusra is looking at uniting with its old opponent, Islamic State, and could bring other rebel groups with them. For bombarding to work in Syria, the US and other Western powers must locate a dependable accomplice among the rebels groups. That is something they have attempted to do in three years of common war. It is another motivation behind why - as the lawmakers have warned - the battle against Islamic State will be a long war.

Middle East Battle Ground- ISIS, Shias, Kurds and Turkey

As Islamic State (IS) looks to extend the region under its control in Iraq and Syria, assaulting the border town of Kobane.  This is Crusader-Arab injustice, a war on all Sunnis read a bulletin at a late challenge in Syria against non military [...]

An Study on ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, referred to by his supporters as Caliph Ibrahim, left the shadows and demonstrated his face surprisingly, in a Friday sermon in Mosul, Iraq. While past pictures of him had been spilled, Baghdadi had not shown himself in [...]

Anatomy of National Register of Citizens (NRC)

Illegal infiltration has been the most serious issue for the Indian states bordering Bangladesh but the worst victim of them have been Assam. The Government has now sought to update the NRC (National Register of Citizens) so as to identify the [...]