Selfie With Daughter Initiative

Sunil Jaglan, sarpanch of a remote village in Haryana was over the moon when Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned his name and appreciated his initiative on “Mann ki Baat” on Sunday. This was an immensely special moment for residents [...]

Koovagam Festival: God, Gay & Glamour

Tickets checked, cosmetics checked, empty memory card for memories checked. This and many more are the items on the list for many trans-genders going for the Koovagam festival. Like any other festivals celebrated in India, Koovagam too is [...]
ISIS, the trail of terror?

ISIS: The Rise of Caliphate or a Terror Machine

Now a day almost every one of us knows more or less about ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It has been in the headlines of News in almost every week, sometime for beheading enemies and sometimes for brutal attack on people with different [...]

Ambubachi Mela in Kamakhya Temple

Ambubachi Mela is an annual Hindu Festival held at the very famous Kamakhya Temple, atop Nilachal Hills in the city of Guwahati in the Northeastern state of Assam. This age old festival is celebrated during the monsoon season in the Assamese [...]

Ramzan or Ramadan : Let’s Decode

While the sub-continent is busy debating over using Ramzan or Ramadan, we’ll reveal a few facts about this holy month. The whole furore is over the pronunciation of the name of this holy month of Muslims. The word Ramzan came into existence [...]
Heat wave in Odisha

Heat Wave Claims 160 in Odisha and Flood Claims 2 Lives in Assam

Nature fury is going on in India. One part of this is under heat wave and another part is trying to escape from flood. In Odisha 160 lives have been claimed by the prevailing heat wave. On the other hand, in Assam, 2 dead reported due to flood. [...]


Soaring temperatures is a usual sight in the months of May and June in most parts of India. Heat waves are running across the northern states of the country including some of central and southern parts too, commonly known as westerly winds [...]

Mother’s Day: A Tribute To All The Mothers

You breathe within ‘her’ for nine months. Aren’t mothers great? Mother’s Day like all others, Children’s Day, Sibling’s Day, Father’s Day and Parent’s Day is reveled once in a year in the honour of all those self-sacrificing [...]
Transgender - Being Different in Democracy

Transgender – Being Different in Democracy

Over the past few months the media tabloids have been flooded with the news about “Third Gender” or the “Hijra” community, telling stories about the struggle or sufferings or rights granted or denied by the various apex bodies across [...]
Eurozone Greece news

Greece has been given four months extension by Eurozone

Greece has been quite blessed by Eurozone finance ministers who have helped the country in a large scale from the suffocating debt bail for at least four months.This is indeed a great news for not only Greece but the entire European economy. [...]