CBI Gets Permission To Interrogate Indrani in Jail

A city magistrate’s court in Mumbai on Saturday expanded the judicial custody of Indrani Mukerjea, the prime accused in the Sheena Bora murder case, and 2 others till November 7 after their earlier remand finished. This was the first time [...]

Right To Write

“Laws alone can not secure freedom of expression; in order that every man present his views without penalty there must be spirit of tolerance in the entire population.” ― Albert Einstein In the last few days, a surging tide of protestors [...]

Heights Of Hooliganism, Intolerance And Vandalism!

Firstly, Shiv Sena should be condemned for attacking Sudheendra Kulkarni , who invited ex- foreign minister of Pakistan, Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, for launching his book, “Neither A Hawk Nor A Dove: An Insider’s Account Of Pakistan’s Foreign [...]

The Big Fat Indian Hike!

I don’t know if you have ever heard about a 317% salary hike! Nobody gets it. No “Aam Aadmi” gets it. Politicians get it/are likely to get it. A 177% increase in constituency allowance, six-fold increase in travel allowance, five-fold [...]

The Tradition Barter

Not being much involved into the traditional rituals, citing excuses of busy schedules, my slightly fair understanding of Pitru-Paksha is to pay reminiscence to the late loved ones, through rituals and food offerings. It also deems a period of [...]

The Murder of Akhlaq Over Beef – The Questions That Await Answers

Four days before the observance of Gandhi Jayanti – an anniversary that celebrates the birth of a man who believed in the cause of non-violence and communal harmony, an act that defies every inch of the Mahatma’s teachings soured the [...]

Anatomy Of A Hungry India

The key to good sleep is good mattress, cool atmosphere, comfortable setting. You thought only that? No there is one more important ingredient required for the perfect recipe of good sleep and that is a filled stomach. Ever tried sleeping [...]

The Essential “Chai-Paani”

A regular day for all of us is filled with tasks and duties, joys and annoyances, conversations and silences. Then adding to the tyranny of mundane life, is the unpleasant mix of news; from immediate and distant surroundings, which sends the [...]
The Last Remaining Dynasties and the Kings of World

The Last Remaining Dynasties and the Kings of World

King of??  Queen of??  If you think I am referring to the pack of cards, were king or queen are to be drawn from then think again. I am talking about monarchs. Monarchy a complex system of kings or crown holders (who are chosen by birth) ruling [...]

Leap of Faith

Faith may just be a five letter word, but probably one of the strongest word driving the things around. Such is its power that it impregnates innumerable beliefs and disbeliefs, which remain unchallenged against any sight or sound. Extreme [...]