Distress of Dame

Distress of Dame

The recently reported agony of the young IAS officer Riju Bafna doesn’t quite really shock me at the apathy of the incidence. Though it is appalling that all concerned are amongst the dignitaries of the bureaucracy; be it the victim, Riju [...]
Nowhere to Shit

Nowhere to Shit!!!

It is morning, Time to use the toilet. But wait! Have you ever thought about millions of people across the globe that doesn’t have a toilet not even shared? (Private toilet is seen as luxury). So where do they go? Morning for millions of people [...]
Spearing Seven Isms

Spearing “Seven” Isms

Funny though it may sound, but whenever I read a quote, I wonder who recorded and shared it, given to the comparatively non-existent media and telecast of earlier times! Then a probable explanation dawns upon me that people spoke and heard each [...]
Bride and Prejudice (Twisted)

Bride and Prejudice (Twisted)

For a week now, the media has been going gaga over the ‘SHIRA’ (Shahid Kapoor + Mira Rajput) wedding. Admitting to my honest self, that browses smartphone religiously, this research could easily compound to a thesis. Most of us, though [...]
ISIS, the trail of terror?

ISIS: The Rise of Caliphate or a Terror Machine

Now a day almost every one of us knows more or less about ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. It has been in the headlines of News in almost every week, sometime for beheading enemies and sometimes for brutal attack on people with different [...]

A Hero’s Blood In The Dust

Towards the end of 2014, a man was given a transfer order. He had stirred up a legal and political hornet’s nest for many. After much pressure, the authorities decided to wash their hands off this troublesome officer. But a whole district [...]
“Dharma” Sandeh and RTI

“Dharma” Sandesh and RTI

On any given day in the life of a person, particularly In India, exposure to religious references is inevitable. Not only do we have one temple per street, but also the presence of paintings, posters and banners with religious references make [...]
Transgender - Being Different in Democracy

Transgender – Being Different in Democracy

Over the past few months the media tabloids have been flooded with the news about “Third Gender” or the “Hijra” community, telling stories about the struggle or sufferings or rights granted or denied by the various apex bodies across [...]
Pollution The Growing Menace and The Aftermath

Pollution: The Growing Menace and The Aftermath

Pollution has been an issue from several years around the world. We have been hearing it far too often in daily news channels, newspapers, magazines, environmental tribunals and many more places but seem like only people worried about this alarming [...]
April Fool The Day For Fools

April Fool: The Day For Fools

Everyone is well associated with this day. April Fool’s Day is celebrated the world over on 1st April every year. People love playing pranks on each other on this day. This day is all about fun and rejoice. Mostly practical jokes are played [...]