tunisia bus bomb

Tunisia Suicide Bomb Attack Carried Out By ISIS

Tunisian authorities stated on Wednesday a suicide bombing plane putting on a vest loaded with plastic eruptive exploded a governmental guard bus a day previously, eliminating at the very least 12 troops in an assault claimed by Islamic State [...]
Cameron David supports Air strike against IS

David Cameron Supports Air Raid Against IS in Syria

David Cameron claims air raid versus Islamic State militants in Syria would remain in the UK’s nationwide interest. The prime minister denied cases it would certainly make the UK a larger target for terror attacks, as he made the situation [...]
Kunduz war

Battle of Kunduz- fight still on with Taliban

A long war is going on between Afghan soldiers and Taliban near Kunduz after they had been driven out by Government forces. Before a few months Taliban suddenly came and took the control of the northern Afghan city- Kunduz in September stunned [...]

France Started Military Strikes on ISIS in Syria

France started its military campaign against Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. After Paris attack it launches its air strikes in Syria. US President Barrack Obama says that USA is ready join fight against ISIS but they will not intervene with [...]

Brussels Deserted As Terrorist Hunt Continues

Central Brussels was practically empty on Sunday evening as a terror phobia led restaurants and also bars to close early amid fears of a Paris-style terror attack. Soldiers patrolled the streets as a manhunt kept for the fugitive Salah Abdeslam, [...]

US House Passed Bill Against Syrian Refugee Settlement

European Union countries are not only exceptions. Even the US is also thinking again on the settlement issue of Syrian refugees. Republicans are against it and are totally frustrated to do anything to resist Obama from taking any further action [...]
Jan Lokpal Bill Cleared by the Delhi Cabinet

Jan Lokpal Bill Cleared by the Delhi Cabinet

Finally, the much awaited Jan Lokpal Bill finds its way via the Delhi Government. One of the big promises of Arvind Kejriwal has finally been realised. It expected to be tabled sometime in the next week in the assembly. It is claimed to be on [...]
Kurdish offensive in Sinjar against ISIS

Kurdish Offensive Starts in Sinjar

Kurdish forces are in another battle with IS. This time, it’s in Sinjar, a strategically important border town. Kurdish forces in northern Iraq have introduced an offensive to take back Sinjar, a critically important town near the Syrian boundary, [...]
Turkey Election

AKP Wins Majority in the General Election in Turkey

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has won a vital parliamentary election, regaining the majority in the house it lost in June. With almost all ballots counted, state-run Anadolu Agency stated AKP had actually won 49.4 [...]
Russian Air Force strikes Islamic State positions in Syria

Russia’s Syria War- Veterans See The Shadow of Afghanistan

It has been 26 years considering that Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan. Yet today Russia, once more, goes to battle outside the previous Soviet Union – in Syria. Is it going to be the next Afghanistan? It’s a long point to discuss [...]