NASA Finds Evidence Of Water On Mars

NASA has found the currently strongest evidence of water on the surface of Mars. The scientists have not exactly seen flowing water but only some dark streaks of soil that flow down steep slopes in the warmest months on Mars. These streaks [...]

Concord Might Be Reintroduced in 2019

The name is enough to push adrenaline through your veins- Concord. The first image flashes in your mind is a supersonic carrier.  And you will be amazed after knowing that fans of this awesome plane has raised fund with an aim to re introduce [...]
Bubbles – A Tool

Bubbles – A Tool!?

We often don’t think too much about the slowly rising bubbles in our favourite cola or soda. The pleasing sensation that these bubbles give on our tongues is why we gulp more soda down our throats after a pizza. The only other possible thing [...]
emission control in netherlands

Netherlands to Cut Emission by 25% within 2020

A court of the Hague (Netherlands) ordered government of Netherlands to cut emission by 25% within 2020. As per the European union’s resolution, all the countries of European union will cut their emission by 40% within 2030. All the countries [...]
Transplanting the Circadian Clock

Transplanting the Circadian Clock

Jet lag is common these days. Flying across several time zones within hours makes the body’s natural clock go out of sync. This natural body clock is called the circadian clock. Circadian means ‘about a day’ in Latin. This circadian clock [...]