UK Introduces New Exit Checks at Airports, Sea Ports and Railway Stations

The United Kingdom government has introduced checks during the exit of passengers at ports, airports and railway stations located in UK. The new measures are being taken by UK government to improve its understanding about the people leaving [...]

Holidays Most Favorite Spending Points for Pensioners

A new research suggests that one-third of people who get pensions will spend it on their holiday tours. The research was conducted by an agency for ABTA or Association of British Travel Agents. The research study concluded that spending on the [...]

Lufthansa Takes Stringent Measures to Ensure Pilot Safety Following Germanwings Disaster

Stringent pilot safety procedures to prevent incidents like Germanwings disaster The Lufthansa group, other German airlines and the German Aviation Industry Association have adopted a new cockpit occupancy procedure in coordination with [...]
Mogadishu hotel bombing

Crisis at Mogadishu Hotel in Somalia Ends

Mogadishu hotel bombing -They say that the scene at the hotel is terrifying as many dead bodies have been evacuated from the destroyed building. The death toll is now 15 says new report, including Somalia’s ambassador to Geneva, the deputy [...]
President Obama Wants Tax Rise on Wealthy

President Obama Wants Tax Rise on Wealthy

American President Barrack Obama wants tax rise on wealthy group. He wants this to help middle income grouped people and to raise funds that would be used for different state’s purpose. Why Obama wants tax rise on wealthy: It is not the [...]