America and Cuba

Diplomatic Talk Between America and Cuba is To Begin

Talks between two countries with opposite ideologies America and Cuba is about to begin. It seems that a century long rivalry is going to be finished soon. Barrack Obama as the President of America gave positive signals to communist Cuba. Before [...]
US Drone attack

US drone strike killed at least nine Pakistani militants

An US drone strike killed at least nine Pakistani militants in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar area early Tuesday, intelligence authorities said, a piece of a strengthening drone fight against Pakistani militants in Afghanistan. When US Drone [...]
US starts seven nations drill in black sea

Ukraine Conflict: US starts seven nations drill (Nato)

After a long time of Ukraine’s repeated request, finally US has come to a decision and has arrived to Baltic States for a drill with seven nations of Nato in Black Sea. Italy joined US yesterday with eight combat ships. Now, Ukrainian [...]
Apple smart watches will unveil with packed feature

Apple Wearable Smart Watches|Design, Features and launch

Apple is going to unveil their smart watches for their valued customers for the first time. There are two different models depending upon the size of the watch, starting from 1.7 inches to 1.5 inches. These watches will be of different colours [...]
Mark Lippert, US ambassador in South Korea attacked with knife

US Ambassador in South Korea was attacked with Knife

US ambassador in South Korea was attacked with knife but the injuries are not life threatening. The US ambassador, Mark Lippert was attending a meeting and doing his breakfast in Seoul. He was taken to the hospital and admitted into emergency [...]
US and South Korea military drill 2015

US and South Korea Military Drill 2015: North Korea Fires Missiles in Sea

North Korea Fired two minimum ranged missiles in the sea during the scheduled drill of US and South Korea. The military drill of lasts twelve days every year and it causes anger in Pyongyang. North Korea always speaks against this type of military [...]
obama vetoed

President Barack Obama uses veto for controversial Keystone XL pipeline bill

President Barack Obama’s power of veto will be used in his five years of presidency. As a bill supporting development on the Keystone XL pipeline has headed his direction and Obama has decided to reject it. Keystone XL pipeline bill, which [...]
Google will launch Uber like app based taxi service

Google will launch Uber style Taxi Service

Tech giant Google may launch Uber style taxi service in some cities. It will surely create a rivalry with Uber. One thing is not clear why Google is coming on app (Android, Windows and iOS) focused taxi service directly, while Google itself [...]
Apple registered its bigest quaterly profit

Apple registered its biggest quarterly profit

Apple Inc registered its biggest quarterly profit. Analysts are thinking that recent sale threshold of Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are the main reason behind this surge. It sold more than 75 million iPhone six and six plus after release [...]
ernie bank died at 83

Baseball Legend Ernie Banks Died

Ernie Banks died! The baseball legend is no more. The son of Chicago left his last breath in Illinois City today. He was at 83. His unexpected death brings sadness over the Chicago baseball club as well as among the baseball lovers. Reaction [...]