Death & Dosh Culture of Japan

Life and death is a part of one’s existence. Death is inevitable as known to everyone. We all have imagined life after death and have our own interpretations of it, for which religion media and writers play a major part in the formulation [...]
China hacks into Indian institutions

China Hacks into Indian Organizations

Chinese programmers and hackers are targeting organizations in India to gather strategic and financially sensitive information related to country’s security and defence specially, according to a leading cyber security authority, in a move [...]
South vs North Korea

Kim Ordered North Korea’s Soldiers to be Ready For War

North Korean president cum leader of the communist party Kim Jong-un has ordered an unusual thing today that is he ordered the troops of the frontline groups to be prepared for a war after the shell firing along the borders of South- North Korea [...]
north korea and south korea firing

Tension Surges up as North and South Korea Exchanged Fires

South Korea has ordered the immediate evacuation of residents from a region of its western border after a serious exchange of fire with North Korea, reports say. North Korea fired a shell at a South Korean military unit on Thursday, inciting [...]

Pearl Necklace Strategy: Indo-China Dual in Indian Ocean

China and India has been a centre of attraction of debate for a decade. Without any doubt these two powers of Asia are driving the whole policies Asia wise. After America’s depression in 2008, China took the position and started expanding [...]
Chinese Yuan devaluation

China to Devaluate its Currency Yuan- But Why?

China has taken the final step to devaluate its currency worldwide. Chinese government has given nod on the proposal and sent it to IMF (International Monetary Fund) for getting permission. But why China is taking this giant step to devaluate [...]
Flash Floods in South Asia

Flash Floods in South Asia

Get you umbrellas and supplies ready with you. It can be your turn next. Komen a cyclone originated in the Bay of Bengal has been affecting the lives of people across Indian sub-continent over a week now.  Not leaving a single coastal nation [...]
Myanmat to release 7000 prisoners soon

Myanmar To Free 7000 Prisoners Before General Election

Myanmar has decided to free 7000 prisoners ahead of the upcoming general election. President of Myanmar has issued the official letter to release the prisoners. Myanmar has exonerated and discharged 6,966 prisoners, including 210 foreigners, [...]
Toshiba Chief Resigns

Toshiba Chief and President Resigns over Scandal

Toshiba’s chief executive and president Hisao Tanaka has resigned from his post after the company said it had exaggerated its net profits for as long as six years. He will be succeeded via Chairman Masashi Muromachi, with vice chairman [...]

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Urges For Regional Action Against Islamic State

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott calls for regional coalition against ISIS (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria). He said that Islamic States has a global terror ambition. That’s why it has to be stopped. But no such action is taken [...]