Cameron David supports Air strike against IS

David Cameron Supports Air Raid Against IS in Syria

David Cameron claims air raid versus Islamic State militants in Syria would remain in the UK’s nationwide interest. The prime minister denied cases it would certainly make the UK a larger target for terror attacks, as he made the situation [...]

France Started Military Strikes on ISIS in Syria

France started its military campaign against Islamic State of Syria and Iraq. After Paris attack it launches its air strikes in Syria. US President Barrack Obama says that USA is ready join fight against ISIS but they will not intervene with [...]

Brussels Deserted As Terrorist Hunt Continues

Central Brussels was practically empty on Sunday evening as a terror phobia led restaurants and also bars to close early amid fears of a Paris-style terror attack. Soldiers patrolled the streets as a manhunt kept for the fugitive Salah Abdeslam, [...]
EU minister meet for Paris and Migrants issue

EU Ministers To Meet For “Migrant” Issue and Crisis

Europe is on the hot pot of surging tension of Syrian refugees. In France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Croatia they are urging for settlement. But after Paris attack clouds of uncertainties are winding up on this. European countries decided to [...]

TSipras Gets Clear Mandate To Form Government in Greece

The left wing party in Greece has won the clear mandate to form government in Greece, Though they have got 35% seats in the general election, they are about to join hand with their former ally Nationalist party to form government and in order [...]
migrants issue

Migrant Crisis in Europe- Croatia to take control Over the Situation

Due to the ongoing crisis in Middle East many people from the countries like Syria, Iraq are migrating to northern European countries. Everyday many groups are entering Europe through Croatia. Hungary is working on to close its borders with [...]

The Syrian Migrant Crisis

Iraq and Syria has been the most hostile place on earth ever since the advent of ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) or ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) or IS (Islamic State) as it is called. ISIS started engaging in a guerrilla war [...]
New party formed government in Greece

Greece Crisis- New Popular Unity Party To form New Government

A new Popular Unity Party has evolved in the Greece crisi and is supposed to take chance to form government in Athens. Rebels from Greece’s representing left-wing Syriza are to split away and structure another party. Head administrator [...]
Indigo to buy 250 airbus planes

IndiGO To Buy 250 Airbus’s Neo Engine Planes by $25.5 Billion

In the biggest commercial airplane deals, Indian transporter IndiGo on Monday solidified a final deal to buy 250 tight bodies- A320 Neo (new Engine Option) planes worth over USD 25.5 billion, according to run down costs, with famous European [...]
UK Trade Deficit

UK’s Trade Deficit Touches £ 1.6 bn in July 2015

Trade deficit in UK has touched a record height of £ 1.6 bn that is quiet high from the last month’s trade deficit- 885 m as per the National Statistics of London. After getting into perfect slice comparison- a thing is clear; Deficits in [...]