Greece Bailout talks

EU negotiators Reached Athens for bailout Talks

Representatives from ECB (European Central Bank) and European Union’s ministers have come to Athens to negotiate on Greece’s proposal so that next bailout amount can be released. European negotiators have touched base in Athens to start [...]
Greece parliament pases tough bailout reforms

Greek Parliament Passes Bailout Reforms

Parliament of Greece Greece has made an urgent stride towards a bailout after its parliament passed a second arrangement of reforms. The section of the measures implies that negotiations on a €86bn European Union bailout can start. The reforms [...]
Suruc blasts by ISIS

ISIS Suicide Bomb Attack in Suruc Turkey

A probable ISIS attack on Turkey, for the first time after ISIS engaged in full fledged fight with YPG fighters and Iraqi military in Iraq and Syria. Though IS has not taken the responsibilities till now, but government of Turkey suspects that [...]
Greece bank operation to resume

Banks To start Operation in Greece Again from Today

A great news for Greece and for all the countries have trade relation with Greece. All the commercial banks in Greece were open today and hopefully will start full fledged normal operations from tomorrow. citizens of the country lined outside [...]
greece crisis

Greece Crisis: Yes-No Vote in Greece

Opposition groups made camps in Greece are all set to organize massive rallies in Athens in front of Sunday’s essential referendum on an international bailout terms. Leader Alexis Tsipras is required to be at one rally to support the “No” [...]
greece missed imf deadline

Greece Misses Payment Deadline of IMF

As expected Greece missed the IMF payment deadline. Greece had to pay $1.6 billion by yesterday and they missed the deadline. Greece tried to get a bail out fund in the eleventh hour from the Central Bank of Europe but failed to convince ministers [...]
Taxi Strike in France against Uber

Protesters Against Uber in France Blocked Paris and Marseille Partially

Protest against Uber, now in Paris, France! Similar type of protest was seen in Bangalore, India. French cab drivers have obstructed the streets to Paris airports and the all the main ring streets around the city in a huge protest against Uber, [...]
emission control in netherlands

Netherlands to Cut Emission by 25% within 2020

A court of the Hague (Netherlands) ordered government of Netherlands to cut emission by 25% within 2020. As per the European union’s resolution, all the countries of European union will cut their emission by 40% within 2030. All the countries [...]
NSA Snooping French president

Wiki Leaks Reveals NSA Snooping on French Presidents

Another dangerous reveal! It’s also about the US snooping on the European leaders. This time, it is on the French Presidents! The US National Security Agency (NSA) kept an eye on French Presidents, including former presidents Jacques Chirac, [...]
Greek crisis

Fate of Greece on Hold, ECB Grants an Emergency Fund

Debt crisis of Greece is mounting. The fate of this Euro zone country is hanging as central bank of Europe decided to bail out a fund for pulling Greece up from the deadly crisis that may led this country to come out from the Euro zone. Euro [...]