China Hacks Into US Military and Intelligence Data

For another time, US military and intelligence data have been hacked by the Chinese hackers. US government confirmed the hacking news today and said that department of personnel management’s servers have been hacked by the hackers. Many sensitive data are there. It can leave many person’s lives at risk and even open to blackmail including the person related to US security activities and their families also. Chinese hackers supposedly hacks into the files through the security form submission.

Chinese hacks

White House Says

White House says that administration is confident that data have been stolen. Maximum data are of government employees including federal workers also. It seems that the data contain many details of the employees of department of homeland security also. White House is tensed over the Chinese hacks in recent time.

Government of America calls for urgent meeting on cyber security enhancement in White House. It seems that the hack might have stolen data related to 25000 employees of government of America!

Cyber Security department calls for urgent infrastructure reestablishment and security up gradation. But they really did not have any idea about the Chinese attack on US departments. Amid heavy security, how the Chinese hackers got into the sensitive files that is a wonder yet. US is tightening up the cyber security to protect its sensitive files from getting hack. China will try to hack many other government department in future also. Hacks are always a sensitive issues, when it comes to the department s related to the security of America.

United States of America takes all such issues as serious as terrorist attack. Before some months Hackers hacked Sony Studio’s internal files. That thing made a lot of chaos. President Barrack Obama directly accused China for the attack. But this time hackers have done something that touched more sensitive areas of United States- Defence! All the hacked information are of government employees related to homeland security and intelligence branch. There is no expectation, what could be the answer of that! USA has just confirmed that this “hack” has conducted¬†from China.

What Next?

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