China To Restrict Unlimited Hong Kong Entries for Mainlanders

China is going to restrict mainlanders from going Hong Kong. Earlier Chinese can go Hong Kong whenever they wanted and stay there in Hong Kong with no predetermined time in Visa. Visa was just a formality and just needed to enter Hong Kong.But Chinese government is to restrict this facility and will add some clauses on it soon.

China is to restirct unlimited Hong Kong entries

China To Restrict Unlimited Hong Kong Entries | Political Isuues

ver they want to and can stay there for the time they want to. So taking the advantage of this thing more than 47 million Chinese camr Hong Kong last year ans had stayed over a month! Maximum if them are from Shenzhen. Not only this, maximum Shenzhen citizens are holding multiple entry visas to enter Hong Kong! But the question is – Why China is trying to restrict unlimited Hong Kong entries of mainlanders.

China To Restrict Unlimited Hong Kong Entries| Political Issues

Though China is showing up the business issues only, there is a deep political matter too. All of us are aware of the protests by the people for democracy. It’s influencing the people of China to a great extent. According to the experts it’s the main reason why Chinese government are trying to restrict mainlanders from entering Hong Kong.

China To Restrict Unlimited Hong Kong Entries| Business Issues

China is concern about the loss of revenue as Hong Kong is state that does not take sale tax from the goods sold. For getting the advantage many Chinese mainlanders come to Hong Kong to sell goods and make good profit than they could if they sold those items in the Chinese mainland.

China’s New Visa Policy to Hong Kong

According to the new visa policy, any Chinese can visit Hong Kong once in a week and can stay maximum seven days there. Under the new rule of Visa, they will be given the visas with a clause that will allow the mainlanders to carry maximum 10 kg load with them.

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